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Lincoln Memorial Cents Complete Variety Set, Circulation Strikes (1959-2008): Chris' Complete Colorful Memorials

Chris' Complete Colorful Memorials

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GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 64.808
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Set Rating 25.648
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About this set: Not going to find your stock 66RD/67RD/68RD set here folks! You will see some, but whenever I can find high grade, colorful, RB and BN coins they will be added. They say that variety IS the spice of life.....enjoy!

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Chris' Complete Colorful Memorials
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
285319591CMS66RB952951893Pop 4/0
379521959 DDO FS-1011CMS63RB10162Pop 1/0. DDO FS-101 (FS-022.2)
379561959 DDO FS-1041CMS64RD252025201959 DDO FS-104 (FS-022.3) Pop 19/11.
379621959-D/D/D RPM FS-5011CMS65RD541354131959 - D/D/D RPM FS-501 (FS-022.5). Submitted raw 6/28/2012. Pop 29/4.
28601960 Large Date1CMS65+ RD19571957Pop 1/781
28631960 Small Date1CMS65RD692661692661
28651960-D Large Date1CMS64RB1612162041Pop 4/4.
  1960-D/D Large Date RPM FS-5021C 
28691960-D Small Date1CMS65+ RD39813981Pop 4/742
379631960-D/D Small/Large Date FS-1011CAU58BN7317595DDO FS-101 Sm/Lg Date (FS-025.5) 60-D/D. Pop 1/2
287119611CMS66RB5151367Pop 2/0.
28741961-D1CMS65RB144141642Pop 9/3
35551961-D D/Horiz D FS-5011CMS64RD18866188661961-D/ Horizontal D FS-501. Pop 58/26
28801962-D1CMS65RB3032006Pop 2/0.
288319631CMS65RB144141599Pop 7/1.
379711963-D DDO FS-1011CMS64RD21719217191963-D DDO FS-101 (FS-025.8) Pop 41/1.
289019641CMS66RD5594655946Pop 326/1.
  1964 SMS1C 
379771964 DDR FS-8011CMS65RD2632631964 DDR FS-801 (FS-026). Cracked out of older NGC MS 65 RD holder and sub...
379781964 DDR FS-8021CAU58BN929441964 DDR FS-802 (FS-027). Pop 5/1.
289519651CMS64RB51151022Pop 5/7
290019661CMS66RD3042430424Pop 208/6. Raw Submission September 2010.
4085481966 DDO FS-1011CAU58BN303121966 DDO FS-101. Pop 2/0.
  1966 DDR FS-8011C 
8290119671CMS66RB616619Pop 5/1
379861968-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS64RD261926191968-D/D RPM FS-501 (FS-027.3). Cracked out of ANACS Gold Slab MS 64 RD and...
379901968-D DDR FS-8011CAU58BN414291968-D DDR FS-801 (FS-027.4). Cracked out of ANACS Blue Slab AU 58 and subm...
29161969-D1CMS66RB1011094Pop 1/0. Mike Sturgeon
*4154981969-D No FG FS-901 Debunked1CAU55BN696291969-D No FG FS-901 Pop 4/9
29191969-S1CMS65RB6261267Pop 2/0. Raw submission 4/7/2011 - End roll toner from OBW roll.
  1969-S DDO FS-1011C 
29351970-S Small Date FS-14011CMS64RD978932996942Small Date - Raw Submission September-2010. This coin is one of 4 70-s sma...
29381970-S Large Date1CMS66RB121121797Pop 9/1
  1970-S Large Date DDO FS-1011C 
380011970-S Large Date DDO FS-1031CMS64RB101145DDO FS-103 (FS-030.1) Pop 1/0. Reholdered slab.
380081971 DDO FS-1011CMS63RB631299Pop 1/1 DDO FS-101 (FS-031)
*380061971 DDO FS-102 Debunked1CMS64RD15101510Pop 12/7. FS-102 (FS-030.7)
295219721CMS65RB9291138Pop 6/0
29481972 DDO FS-1011CMS65BN8383829DDO #1 Pop 3/1.
380161972 DDO FS-1021CMS65RD361036101972 DDO FS-102 (FS-033.52). Pop 12/2.
380181972 DDO FS-1031CMS65RB100104061972 DDO FS-103 Pop 6/0
  1972 DDO FS-1041C 
380231972 DDO FS-1051CMS64BN101331972 DDO FS-105 Pop 1/0
380261972 DDO FS-1061CMS65BN111791972 DDO FS-106 (FS-033.56) Pop 1/1.
380311972 DDO FS-1071CMS65RD3023021972 DDO FS-107 (FS-033.57). Cracked out of NGC MS 64 RD slab and submitte...
380341972 DDO FS-1081CMS65RD4764761972 DDO FS-108 (FS-033.58). Cracked out of NGC MS 65 RD Holder and submit...
380371972 DDO FS-1091CMS64RD39253925Pop 28/12. DDO-FS-109 (FS-033.59)
29551972-D1CMS64RB656884Pop 3/4
29741974-D1CMS66+ RD1114611146Pop 4/113
297619751CMS65RB747711Pop 6/4
929791975-D1CMS65RB11211670Pop 8/0.
298219761CMS66RD390152390152Pop 302/133
380451980 DDO FS-1011CMS63BN535451980 DDO FS-101 (FS-034) Cracked out of older NGC AU 58 holder and submitt...
30041980-D1CMS66RD2874428744Pop 226/26
  1982 Bronze Large Date1C 
380591982 Bronze Large Date DDO FS-1011CMS65RD81811982 DDO FS-101 (FS-034.5)
  1982 Bronze Small Date1C 
1460271982 Zinc Large Date1CMS66+ RD1754917549Pop 14/105
  1982 Zinc Small Date1C 
  1982 Zinc Small Date DDR FS-18011C 
1460231982-D Bronze1CMS66RB101356Pop 1/0
1460331982-D Zinc Large Date1CMS66+ RD3421534215Pop 5/43
  1982-D Zinc Small Date1C 
380681983 DDO FS-1011CMS63RB64627Pop 4/0. DDO FS-101 (FS-035)
380711983 DDO FS-1021CMS64RB101181983 DDO FS-102 (FS-035.1) Pop 1/0.
380741983 DDO FS-1031CMS64RB202371983 DDO FS-103 (FS-035.2) Pop 2/0.
  1983 Obv Die Damage FS-4011C 
30561983 DDR FS-8011CMS65RD5654835844981983 DDR #1
  1983 DDR FS-8021C 
  1983-D DDO FS-1011C 
30601984 DDO FS-1011CMS64BN10112441984 DDO #1 Pop 1/0
380801984 DDO FS-1021CMS63BN202121984 DDO FS-102 (FS-038) Pop 2/0.
380841984-D DDO FS-1011CMS63RB848111984-D DDO FS-101 (FS-039). Pop 4/1.
306519871CMS66+ RD34633463Pop 3/412
30801987-D1CMS66RD232443232443Raw submission 4/7/2011.
  1987-D/D RPM FS-5011C 
310319881CMS66+ RD42184218Pop 3/187
  1988 Dbl Ear FS-1011C 
  1988 Wide AM FS-9011C 
  1988-D Wide AM FS-9011C 
309219911CMS66RD229299229299Raw submission 4/7/2011
309819921CMS66RD124629124629Raw Submission 4/7/2011
  1992 Close AM FS-9011C 
  1992-D Close AM FS-9011C 
310619931CMS66RB222787Pop 1/2
381011994 DDR FS-8011CMS64RB808271994 DDR FS-801 (FS-039.9) Cracked out of a PCI MS 65 Red holder and submi...
313319951CMS66RD216343216343Raw submission 4/7/2011.
31271995 DDO FS-1011CMS66RD44815567452756631995 DDO #1
31301995-D1CMS66RD153360153360Raw submission 4/7/2011.
  1995-D DDO FS-1031C 
  1996 DDO FS-1011C 
  1997 Dbl Ear FS-1011C 
831481998 Wide AM FS-9011CMS64RD1282271512741998 W I D E A M Pop 128/226.
  1999 Wide AM FS-9011C 
1478312000 Wide AM FS-9011CMS66RD3184383552000 W I D E A M FS-901. Pop 9/0 for those examples that have the FS des...
  2004 DDR FS-8011C 
931902005 Satin Finish1CSP69RD121419121419
931932005-D Satin Finish1CSP68RD11134611113461Pop 1024/418
  2006 DDO FS-1011C 
  2006 DDO FS-1021C 
8931962006 Satin Finish1CSP69RD9892098920Pop 918/20
8931992006-D Satin Finish1CSP68RD9499294992Pop 800/83
1495392007 Satin Finish1CSP68RD959248959248Pop 886/221
1495472007-D Satin Finish1CSP68RD6146461464Pop 557/58
  2008 Satin Finish1C 
  2008-D Satin Finish1C 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.