Water Sports Pedigree Collection

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Weighted GPA 67.634
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 67.634
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Water Sports Pedigree Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
8338619591CPR68CA388Thanks to Angel Dee's
833891960 Large Date1CPR68CA6118Ebay
833921960 Small Date1CPR67CA15236Thanks to David Lawrence
34101960 DDO FS-101 Lg/Sm Date1CPR66RD3272Thanks to Coins and Currency of Wayne PA.
34131960 DDO FS-102 Sm/Lg Date1CPR66RD4258Thanks to Robert Bruner
381581960 TDO FS-103 (FS-023)1CPR66RD1841Thanks to RCIS Coins
8340119631CPR69CA970Mike Sturgeon Pedigree
9340419641CPR69DC2121Thanks to Pandava Bosworth
32901965 SMS1CSP67RD2688Thanks To David Lawrence
32931966 SMS1CSP67RD829112Thanks to David Lawrence
32961967 SMS1CSP67RD76781Thanks to David Lawrence
381741968-S DDO FS-1011CPR65CA22Thanks to Dan Huges - Former NGC 65 CAM
934301970-S Large Date1CPR68DC16950Thanks to Don Merz
381891970-S DDO FS-113 LD1CPR67CA71Thanks to Bill Graham
381931970-S TDO FS-104 LD1CPR65RD18Thanks to L&C Coin
834261970-S Small Date FS-14021CPR67CA9543Thanks to Victorian Rare Coin
381831970-S DDO FS-102 LD/SM1CPR65RD1112Thanks to Wayne Peek Former ANACS PR66 RED
835331971-S DDO FS-1011CPR65CA1852Heritage - Former NGC 65 Cameo
381981971-S DDO FS-1021CPR65RD311Thanks to Dennis Wells
1454381971-S DDO FS-103 Type 31CPR65RD25Thanks to Michael Hassler
382111972-S DDO FS-1011CPR64RD29Thanks to Doug Wright!
934431974-S1CPR69DC5200Mike Sturgeon Pedigree
934551978-S1CPR69DC15649Thanks to Finest Known
934581979-S Type 11CPR69DC103410Thanks to Finest Known
934611979-S Type 21CPR69DC95622Teletrade
934641980-S1CPR69DC185217Thanks to Finest Known
934671981-S Type 11CPR69DC26529Thanks to Finest Known
934701981-S Type 21CPR69DC2730Thanks to Carolina Coin
934731982-S1CPR69DC156712Thanks to Finest Known
934761983-S1CPR69DC195239Thanks to Finest Known
934791984-S1CPR69DC273672Thanks to Finest Known
934821985-S1CPR69DC290776Thanks to Finest Known
934851986-S1CPR69DC333370Thanks to Finest Known
934881987-S1CPR69DC3815115Thanks to Finest Known
934911988-S1CPR69DC3197145Thanks to Finest Known
934941989-S1CPR69DC3116183Thanks to Finest Known
934971990-S1CPR69DC3669152Thanks to Finest Known
4082391990 No S FS-1011CPR67DC32Thanks to JS
935001991-S1CPR69DC3067225Thanks to Finest Known
935031992-S1CPR69DC6450325Thanks to Finest Known
935121993-S1CPR69DC5190273Thanks to Finest Known
935151994-S1CPR69DC5060219Thanks to Finest Known
935181995-S1CPR69DC4592322Thanks to Finest Known
935211996-S1CPR69DC4515242Thanks to Finest Known
935241997-S1CPR69DC4309160Thanks to Finest Known
935271998-S1CPR69DC4977235Thanks to Finest Known
935291998-S Close AM1CPR68DC3174Teletrade
935301999-S1CPR69DC5618278Thanks to Finest Known
382221999-S Close AM1CPR68DC230125Thanks to MOZEPPA!
935362000-S1CPR69DC7128448Thanks to Finest Known
935392001-S1CPR69DC6111306Thanks to Finest Known
935422002-S1CPR69DC6327216Thanks to Finest Known
935452003-S1CPR69DC7444255Thanks to Finest Known
935512004-S1CPR69DC5910385Thanks to Finest Known
935542005-S1CPR69DC6232299Thanks to Finest Known
1495552007-S1CPR69DC3989276Thanks to Presidential Dollars
3949132008-S1CPR69DC3189323Thanks to Seth Woods