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The Ohio State University Alumni
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
70721878 8TF$1MS642534676Hilliard Coin Show, John Comstock
  1878 7TF$1 
  1878 7/8TF$1 
70811878-CC$1MS65PL1179Rare, only 10 graded higher in PL.
70831878-S$1MS65PL13113Beautiful and rare
70901879-O$1MS64+83375Beautiful White MS64+ CAC. Bought from Larry Shapiro for $795 at the CSNS i...
70921879-S$1MS671348154This is my first PCGS MS67 Morgan..CAC sticker
71021880-CC$1MS65219102Long Beach Show
71181880-S$1MS6698142468I met this very nice lady while questioning an item she had on ebay.
71241881$1MS6346395623Purchased from Larry Shapiro with a group of coins my and parents and I pur...
71271881-CC$1MS64PL374194Long Beach Show....Steve Twitty
71281881-O$1MS643491795Bought at Columbus Coin Show in Hillard, Ohio
71321882$1MS651354313LShapiro CAC
71341882-CC$1MS661224155I traded 15 MS 62's and $514 cash for this coin and a 1881 S MS65. The MS 6...
71361882-O$1MS64+125865Picked up coins at the Long Beach show. Dealer Bob Paul from Philadelphia, ...
71441883-CC$1MS661949366Nice white..possible CAC coin.
71471883-O$1MS65PL14720Rare in MS 65 PL
71531884-CC$1MS66PL903Beautiful coin...paid premium price
71581885$1MS6582401648Rainbow Tone, CAC
71611885-CC$1MS64PL425206Layaway from Larry Shapiro...Oct, 2010
71661886$1MS662635464Purchased from Larry Shapiro
71731887$1MS65PL26968Purchased from Larry Shapiro
71801887-S$1MS63+392210Nice White coin with prooflike reverse
71961890$1MS643789652Purchased at New Coin show in Lancaster, Ohio
72061891-CC$1MS643257742Northcoast Coins. www.nccoins. com. I traded some Franklin halves partial b...
72401896$1MS661568514Purchased from the Great Numistus Larry Shapiro. Larry was gracious enough ...
72501897-S$1MS6429781511Purchased at new Coin Show in Lancaster, Ohio
72601899-O$1MS6575601572Bought from J&H coins.
72621899-S$1MS6311581795I bought the coins from the Hilliard coin show. John Comstock
72641900$1MS653646752Paid premium for this nice coin. White, CAC and OGH.
72841903$1MS65+25996Layaway from Larry Shapiro...Oct. 2010
72861903-O$1MS652130752CAC, One of my favorites.....beautiful finish
72981921-D$1MS6452672121Northcoast coins. Traded 90 % silver for this coin, 91 CC, 84 CC PCGS, GSA ...
73001921-S$1MS6436661080Bought at Columbus Coin Show in Hillard, Ohio