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Presidential Dollars with Major Varieties, Circulation Strikes and Proof (2007-2016): Horner $1 Pres. Complete

Horner $1 Pres. Complete

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Rank 7
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 67.005
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 67.005
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Horner $1 Pres. Complete
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
1502112007-P George Washington - Position A$1MS6691313104313
1502122007-P George Washington - Position B$1MS6693139724
1502152007-D George Washington - Position A$1MS66110016117218
1502162007-D George Washington - Position B$1MS661033911009
1481072007-P John Adams - Position A$1MS661374414244
1502182007-P John Adams - Position B$1MS661288413424
1481082007-D John Adams - Position A$1MS66135310138310
1502202007-D John Adams - Position B$1MS661248412685
1481092007-P Thomas Jefferson - Position A$1MS6746904750
1502222007-P Thomas Jefferson - Position B$1MS6620773962224398
1481102007-D Thomas Jefferson - Position A$1MS6791709500
1502242007-D Thomas Jefferson - Position B$1MS6624668792664914
1481112007-P James Madison - Position A$1MS66105742117148
1502272007-P James Madison - Position B$1MS668437593383
1481122007-D James Madison - Position A$1MS6715901640
1502292007-D James Madison - Position B$1MS6616461461781151
3946512008-P James Monroe - Position A$1MS67466958711
3946532008-P James Monroe - Position B$1MS67434957113
3946572008-D James Monroe - Position A$1MS6751375267
3946582008-D James Monroe - Position B$1MS6753265456
3946652008-P John Quincy Adams - Position A$1MS66146168151983
3946672008-P John Quincy Adams - Position B$1MS66152782157988
3946662008-D John Quincy Adams - Position A$1MS66140446145361
3946682008-D John Quincy Adams - Position B$1MS66127536134241
3948582008-P Andrew Jackson - Position A$1MS667722982350
3948602008-P Andrew Jackson - Position B$1MS667794783758
3948592008-D Andrew Jackson - Position A$1MS6569984723102
3948612008-D Andrew Jackson - Position B$1MS656637868596
3948702008-P Martin Van Buren - Position A$1MS665855060451
3948722008-P Martin Van Buren - Position B$1MS666054362744
3948712008-D Martin Van Buren - Position A$1MS6666896759
3948732008-D Martin Van Buren - Position B$1MS666541166713
4073752009-P William Henry Harrison - Position A$1MS66509192559207
4073772009-P William Henry Harrison - Position B$1MS66487195505205
4073762009-D William Henry Harrison - Position A$1MS6638963967
4073782009-D William Henry Harrison - Position B$1MS6635573667
4073872009-P John Tyler - Position A$1MS65254176324210
4073892009-P John Tyler - Position B$1MS6620332174
4073882009-D John Tyler - Position A$1MS65261130273137
4073902009-D John Tyler - Position B$1MS6613301350
4097152009-P James K. Polk - Position A$1MS665997569080
4097172009-P James K. Polk - Position B$1MS665867862281
4097162009-D James K. Polk - Position A$1MS6643704431
4097182009-D James K. Polk - Position B$1MS6643914441
4097272009-P Zachary Taylor - Position A$1MS66543058811
4097292009-P Zachary Taylor - Position B$1MS6652305519
4097282009-D Zachary Taylor - Position A$1MS6641004240
4097302009-D Zachary Taylor - Position B$1MS6637903901
4178632010-P Millard Fillmore - Position A$1MS6629803176
4178652010-P Millard Fillmore - Position B$1MS6634503552
4178642010-D Millard Fillmore - Position A$1MS6619902021
4178662010-D Millard Fillmore - Position B$1MS6617301740
4178672010-P Franklin Pierce - Position A$1MS6633403450
4178692010-P Franklin Pierce - Position B$1MS6634503501
4178682010-D Franklin Pierce - Position A$1MS6621702220
4178702010-D Franklin Pierce - Position B$1MS6618401891
4178712010-P James Buchanan - Position A$1MS66236926813
4178732010-P James Buchanan - Position B$1MS662082222222
4178722010-D James Buchanan - Position A$1MS6617401750
4178742010-D James Buchanan - Position B$1MS6615201520
4178752010-P Abraham Lincoln- Position A$1MS663611239313
4178772010-P Abraham Lincoln - Position B$1MS663951642618
4178762010-D Abraham Lincoln - Position A$1MS6635713601
4178782010-D Abraham Lincoln - Position B$1MS6632203262
5065092011-P Andrew Johnson - Position A$1MS661000271196
5065142011-P Andrew Johnson - Position B$1MS66720157111
5065102011-D Andrew Johnson - Position A$1MS667511176148
5065152011-D Andrew Johnson - Position B$1MS66594171158
5065182011-P Ulysses S. Grant - Position A$1MS66450140217
5065232011-P Ulysses S. Grant - Position B$1MS66350120178
5065192011-D Ulysses S. Grant - Position A$1MS66400145174
5065242011-D Ulysses S. Grant - Position B$1MS66380141152
5065272011-P Rutherford B. Hayes - Position A$1MS66610208234
5065312011-P Rutherford B. Hayes - Position B$1MS66630116116
5065282011-D Rutherford B. Hayes - Position A$1MS661260207189
5065322011-D Rutherford B. Hayes - Position B$1MS661230202181
5065352011-P James Garfield - Position A$1MS65942899335
5065392011-P James Garfield - Position B$1MS66340130121
5065362011-D James Garfield - Position A$1MS6511824125283
5065402011-D James Garfield - Position B$1MS66300135129
5120512012-P Chester Arthur - Position A$1MS672261322713
5120532012-P Chester Arthur - Position B$1MS671921219212
5120522012-D Chester Arthur - Position A$1MS671101111011
5120542012-D Chester Arthur - Position B$1MS6713851385
5120612012-P Grover Cleveland 22nd - Position A$1MS672311323113
5120842012-P Grover Cleveland 22nd - Position B$1MS6714961496
5120622012-D Grover Cleveland 22nd- Position A$1MS6713661366
5120852012-D Grover Cleveland 22nd - Position B$1MS67883883
5120672012-P Benjamin Harrison - Position A$1MS6719481978
5120692012-P Benjamin Harrison - Position B$1MS6716941704
5120682012-D Benjamin Harrison - Position A$1MS6710171017
5120702012-D Benjamin Harrison - Position B$1MS6710531053
5120762012-P Grover Cleveland 24th - Position A$1MS672051320513
5120782012-P Grover Cleveland 24th - Position B$1MS671291012910
5120772012-D Grover Cleveland 24th - Postion A$1MS6711661166
5120792012-D Grover Cleveland 24th - Postiion B$1MS67929929
5176912013-P Theodore Roosevelt - Position A$1MS671261713117
5176932013-P Theodore Roosevelt - Position B$1MS671151811718
5176922013-D Theodore Roosevelt - Position A$1MS6712681268
5176942013-D Theodore Roosevelt - Position B$1MS6713171317
5176872013-P William Howard Taft - Position A$1MS671171311913
5176892013-P William Howard Taft - Position B$1MS671381413814
5176882013-D William Howard Taft - Position A$1MS6713761376
5176902013-D William Howard Taft - Position B$1MS6712881288
5176952013-P William McKinley - Position A$1MS671221212512
5176972013-P William McKinley - Position B$1MS6714861506
5176962013-D William McKinley - Position A$1MS6711341134
5176982013-D William McKinley - Position B$1MS6712441244
5176832013-P Woodrow Wilson - Position A$1MS671971520016
5176852013-P Woodrow Wilson - Position B$1MS671471714818
5176842013-D Woodrow Wilson - Position A$1MS6714791479
5176862013-D Woodrow Wilson - Position B$1MS6714491449
5260772014-P Warren G. Harding - Position A$1MS6684428942
5260802014-P Warren G. Harding - Position B$1MS6666197120
5260782014-D Warren G. Harding - Position A$1MS6675847584
5260812014-D Warren G. Harding - Position B$1MS6687768776
5262932014-P Calvin Coolidge - Position A$1MS6694459447
5262942014-P Calvin Coolidge - Position B$1MS6677468149
5262952014-D Calvin Coolidge - Position A$1MS6680988098
5262972014-D Calvin Coolidge - Position B$1MS667910179101
5263032014-P Herbert Hoover - Position A$1MS6661366236
5263042014-P Herbert Hoover - Position B$1MS6677257927
5263052014-D Herbert Hoover - Position A$1MS6696849684
5263062014-D Herbert Hoover - Position B$1MS6672827282
5262992014-P Franklin D. Roosevelt - Position A$1MS6683448546
5263002014-P Franklin D. Roosevelt - Position B$1MS6664337135
5263012014-D Franklin D. Roosevelt - Position A$1MS6680808080
5263022014-D Franklin D. Roosevelt - Position B$1MS6672727272
5395782015-P Harry S. Truman - Position A$1MS6710001140
5395792015-P Harry S. Truman - Position B$1MS6711351326
5395802015-D Harry S. Truman - Position A$1MS6713321462
5395812015-D Harry S. Truman - Position B$1MS6713571507
5429182015-P Dwight D. Eisenhower - Position A$1MS67621701
5429192015-P Dwight D. Eisenhower - Position B$1MS67592642
5429202015-D Dwight D. Eisenhower - Position A$1MS6712901300
5429212015-D Dwight D. Eisenhower - Position B$1MS6711911281
5429222015-P John F. Kennedy - Position A$1MS6712241414
5429242015-P John F. Kennedy - Position B$1MS6712741484
5429252015-D John F. Kennedy - Position A$1MS6713701530
5429262015-D John F. Kennedy - Position B$1MS6714651655
5429272015-P Lyndon B. Johnson - Position A$1MS67620740
5429282015-P Lyndon B. Johnson - Position B$1MS67762872
5429292015-D Lyndon B. Johnson - Position A$1MS679201030
5429302015-D Lyndon B. Johnson - Position B$1MS67690790
1480602007-S George Washingon PR$1PR69DC7390270140711078
1480612007-S John Adams PR$1PR69DC734618914084920
1480622007-S Thomas Jefferson PR$1PR69DC7294303138541169
1480632007-S James Madison PR$1PR69DC7412252141391061
3948802008-S James Monroe PR$1PR69DC28901738147832
3948822008-S John Quincy Adams PR$1PR69DC278725879631067
3948842008-S Andrew Jackson PR$1PR69DC29241318178790
3948862008-S Martin Van Buren PR$1PR69DC28741808093943
4073962009-S William Henry Harrison PR$1PR69DC7541185067825
4073982009-S John Tyler PR$1PR69DC769945221603
4074002009-S James Knox Polk PR$1PR69DC7441165092764
4074022009-S Zachary Taylor PR$1PR69DC7241614938986
4172612010-S Millard Fillmore PR$1PR69DC24201826231704
4172632010-S Franklin Pierce PR$1PR69DC23122276130783
4172652010-S James Buchanan PR$1PR69DC22921936108662
4172672010-S Abraham Lincoln PR$1PR69DC25431746445647
5052122011-S Andrew Johnson PR$1PR69DC18502885353914
5052142011-S Ulysses S. Grant PR$1PR69DC18812685427733
5052172011-S Rutherford B. Hayes PR$1PR69DC18802715465765
5052192011-S James Garfield PR$1PR69DC18492635425761
5124302012-S Chester Arthur PR$1PR69DC743962037390
5124312012-S Grover Cleveland 22nd PR$1PR69DC745852041378
5124332012-S Benjamin Harrison PR$1PR69DC751852066347
5124322012-S Grover Cleveland 24th PR$1PR69DC7101242011410
5173382013-S Theodore Roosevelt PR$1PR69DC8851932491633
5173402013-S William McKinley PR$1PR69DC9081812562533
5173422013-S William H. Taft PR$1PR69DC8342482529587
5173442013-S Woodrow Wilson PR$1PR69DC8711992533567
5263142014-S Warren G. Harding PR$1PR69DC7782122711636
5263132014-S Calvin Coolidge PR$1PR69DC7931982719631
5263122014-S Herbert Hoover PR$1PR69DC8081852720611
5263112014-S Franklin D. Roosevelt PR$1PR69DC8331662760631
5451762015-P Harry S. Truman Rev PR$1PR6914611021553106
5395832015-S Harry S. Truman PR$1PR69DC3468115747231485
5461612015-P Dwight D. Eisenhower Rev PR$1PR69115157119557
5413022015-S Dwight D. Eisenhower PR$1PR69DC3396119746521592
5684422015-P John F. Kennedy Rev PR$1PR6919161722013173
5413042015-S John F. Kennedy PR$1PR69DC3375123746891631
5704022015-P Lyndon B. Johnson Rev PR$1PR69134920136320
5413062015-S Lyndon B. Johnson PR$1PR69DC3376123845711617