Kevorkian collection of Proof Barber Halves

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Kevorkian collection of Proof Barber Halves
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
86539189250CPR67CA61Formerly NGC PR68CAM
96540189350CPR67+ DC20Thick frost, problem free
86541189450CPR66+ CA25Rejected 2 of the 3 PR67CAM's over this coin.
96543189650CPR67+ DC10Heavy frost, perfect mirrors
96544189750CPR68DC50Top eye appeal for the set
96545189850CPR67DC33Liquid mirrors
86546189950CPR67+ CA34Borderline DCAM
96547190050CPR67DC33Among the most deeply mirrored
86548190150CPR67CA102Formerly NGC PR68CAM, should be Deep Cam
86549190250CPR66CA86Rejected both of the PR67CAM's over this coin
86551190450CPR66CA75Amazing contrast for an 04
86552190550CPR67CA20Great look for an 05
86553190650CPR66+ CA13Problem free
86554190750CPR67CA50Smooth surfaces
86555190850CPR67CA30Formerly NGC PR68CAM, my personal favorite of the set, flawless
86556190950CPR67CA72Should be Deep Cam
86557191050CPR67+ CA10Another former NGC PR68CAM, flawless
86558191150CPR67CA52Borderline PR68DCAM
86559191250CPR66+ CA23Incredible eye appeal
86560191350CPR67CA50Looks like a modern proof
86561191450CPR66CA31Rejected the lone PR67CAM over this coin
86562191550CPR66CA21Same as 1914, rejected the lone PR67CAM over this coin
Cameo contrast and eye appeal were the primary determining factors that went into the selection of each coin. Many times a higher grade coin was rejected because it did not meet the owners standards. Special thanks to Kathleen Duncan at Pinnacle Rarities for her support in helping me locate many of the pieces in this set.
Posted @ 2/12/2011 8:08 AM By barberking