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PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No.
Pop Higher
Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
4065622009-S District of Columbia25CPR69DC26175962617596
4065652009-S District of Columbia - Silver25CPR69DC27497672749767
4065682009-S Puerto Rico25CPR69DC25516612551661
4065712009-S Puerto Rico - Silver25CPR69DC27447862744786
4065742009-S Guam25CPR69DC26915022691502
4065772009-S Guam - Silver25CPR69DC28606482860648
4065802009-S America Samoa25CPR69DC24597532459753
4065832009-S America Samoa - Silver25CPR69DC25909332590933
4065862009-S U.S. Virgin Islands25CPR69DC26165882616588
4065902009-S U.S. Virgin Islands - Silver25CPR69DC27927342792734
4065932009-S Northern Mariana Islands25CPR69DC25656472565647
4065962009-S Northern Mariana Islands - Silver25CPR69DC27607542760754
4188252010-S Hot Springs NP25CPR69DC12834701917644
4188282010-S Hot Springs NP Silver25CPR69DC18617292862977
4188312010-S Yellowstone NP25CPR69DC13034821927645
4188342010-S Yellowstone NP Silver25CPR69DC185474327831067
4188372010-S Yosemite NP25CPR69DC13703582018501
4188402010-S Yosemite NP Silver25CPR69DC19815872977812
4188432010-S Grand Canyon NP25CPR69DC14063412072450
4188462010-S Grand Canyon NP Silver25CPR69DC19686382950872
4188492010-S Mount Hood NP25CPR69DC14293002077401
4188522010-S Mount Hood NP - Silver25CPR69DC20095672996795
5051532011-S Gettysburg NP25CPR69DC12203152029508
5051562011-S Gettysburg NP - Silver25CPR69DC144856327021163
5051592011-S Glacier NP25CPR69DC11743901970627
5051622011-S Glacier NP - Silver25CPR69DC129673124671463
5051652011-S Olympic NP25CPR69DC11384211893697
5051682011-S Olympic NP - Silver25CPR69DC136865825911301
5051712011-S Vicksburg NP25CPR69DC12543042067491
5051742011-S Vicksburg NP - Silver25CPR69DC139462826661210
5051772011-S Chickasaw NP25CPR69DC12353172050521
5051802011-S Chickasaw NP - Silver25CPR69DC144158526961207
  2012-S El Yunque NP25C 
  2012-S El Yunque NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S Chaco Culture NP25C 
  2012-S Chaco Culture NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S Acadia NP25C 
  2012-S Acadia NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S Hawaii Volcanoes NP25C 
  2012-S Hawaii Volcanoes NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S Denali NP25C 
  2012-S Denali NP - Silver25C 
  2013-S White Mountain NP25C 
  2013-S White Mountain NP - Silver25C 
  2013-S Perry's Memorial25C 
  2013-S Perry's Memorial - Silver25C 
  2013-S Great Basin NP25C 
  2013-S Great Basin NP - Silver25C 
  2013-S Fort McHenry NP25C 
  2013-S Fort McHenry NP - Silver25C 
  2013-S Mount Rushmore NP25C 
  2013-S Mount Rushmore NP - Silver25C 
  2014-S Great Smoky Mtns NP25C 
  2014-S Great Smoky Mtns NP - Silver25C 
  2014-S Shenandoah NP25C 
  2014-S Shenandoah NP - Silver25C 
  2014-S Arches NP25C 
  2014-S Arches NP - Silver25C 
  2014-S Great Sand Dunes NP25C 
  2014-S Great Sand Dunes NP - Silver 25C 
  2014-S Everglades NP25C 
  2014-S Everglades NP - Silver25C