The Hunter Peace Dollar Collection

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About this set: "It may not be the highest grade, but it will be damn hard to match it's look" I don't have the cash to buy the rarer dates in 65-67 grades. I don't think its really worth it to spend the extra cash for above a 64 for the common dates, a 22 23 24 or 25 is pretty much a dime a dozen coin regardless. So instead of opting for the highest grade pieces, I decided to make them as close to impossible to replicate for the assigned grade as I could. Thanks for looking.

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The Hunter Peace Dollar Collection
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73561921 Peace, High Relief$1MS644050162240781635Nice Strike
73601923$1MS6482613205478288920634Blast White
73631924$1MS64140204355140694369Blast White
73651925$1MS6418807101191886910155Amazing Toning - Pastel
73671926$1MS643958165740271685Blast White
73731928$1MS6419073731907373A pale lemon or champagne.