The Kozciusko Collection

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The Kozciusko Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
5790193225CMS641116801grey/gold tone - bedshery
5797193525CMS651036790light gold patina
57981935-D25CMS65426239bright white...nice lustre
57991935-S25CMS64718773blast white - M. Glicker
5800193625CMS6653987sharp, white coin - Bedsherry
58041937-D25CMS65847347blast white - Mike - vegas2000
58051937-S25CMS65587224blast white, clean surfaces, small tics on neck above date
5808193925CMS66993276blast white - Mike vegas*2000
58091939-D25CMS6647671blast white from pinevalleycoins
58101939-S25CMS6629870nice mark-free hint of thin amber toning
5811194025CMS65590788white - D. Marlin
58131940-S25CMS6655270PQ blast white -Rich Berard
5814194125CMS661079109white/nice lustre Omaha Bank Hoard from Heritage
58151941-D25CMS6634945blast white from quattrocoins
58161941-S25CMS65635419Nice blast white - bought from Lucy Bop
5817194225CMS65447281blast white - Mike - vegas*2000
58211943-D25CMS6647264Super sharp strike with splashes of charcoal and caramel.
58221943-S25CMS6655458blast white, immaculate surfaces, Brad Garber
5824194425CMS6671476blast white
58251944-D25CMS66682115blast white
58261944-S25CMS66719123blast white - Danny Marlin
5827194525CMS6628132Superb blast white immaculate fields ZAPS
58281945-D25CMS6632636blast white - Mike...vegas2000
58291945-S25CMS6655859blast white - Rick (a.w.coins)
5830194625CMS6627130Paul Bednar - GWNA
58311946-D25CMS6685345PQ blast white - Mike vegas2000
58321946-S25CMS661582155hints of tan patina - from wondercoin
5833194725CMS6666186light tan patina - Zapscoins
58341947-D25CMS661132158Nice lustre problem free - Heritage
58351947-S25CMS661658215stunning blast white - W. Brommer
5836194825CMS66803100stunning blast white - Mike - vegas*2000
58371948-D25CMS6644046splashes of tan patina
58381948-S25CMS6684583Nice blast white surfaces - Omaha Bank Hoard - Heritage
5839194925CMS6654779beautiful russet/grey toning - Quattrocoins
5841195025CMS6675957blazing white..Danny Marlins
58421950-D25CMS6652368light steely/blue w/splash of gold...from bobzaps
58441950-S25CMS6670298blast white - immaculate fields Brad Garber
5846195125CMS6663958rose patina
58471951-D25CMS6647239PQ blast white - Mike - vegas*2000
58481951-S25CMS66598179light golden patina - fairtraderz
5849195225CMS6648099splash of chanpagne and grey mint set toning on obverse
58501952-D25CMS6629417Craig - Manofcoins
58511952-S25CMS66842207blast white
5852195325CMS65537418bright white + hint of gold/grey rim toning Brad Garber
58531953-D25CMS65440256gold gray obverse toning white reverse
58541953-S25CMS66974112nice gold rim toning - zapscoins
5855195425CMS6681455blast white..beautiful surfaces
58561954-D25CMS65850352blast white
58571954-S25CMS6697480light rose patina Bob Zurick zapscoins
5858195525CMS6668436lustrous champagne mint set toning on obverse
58591955-D25CMS65680221white lustre some veiled tan toning - soccerdad
5860195625CMS6511621212stunning blast white - Centsles
5862195725CMS661128197gold/gray tone - PQ - J. Picciano
58631957-D25CMS66670103gun metallic tone with rainbows at rim
5864195825CMS661524281PQ blue and russet toned
58651958-D25CMS661052166russet obv, green, blue, russet rev - Bob Zurich
5866195925CMS6664223Nice white coin - K. Peterson
5868196025CMS6632622mirror like fields - RCNH
5872196225CMS65770367nice lustre below gun metal and blue rim toning
5874196325CMS65842403Regular nice white
58751963-D25CMS65589331blast white - Danny Marlin
5876196425CMS6642024mirror like fields - former Schiera collection - RCNH
58771964-D25CMS65753586blast white