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Morgan Dollars Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1878-1921): Rotorhead Silver

Rotorhead Silver

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Rank 297
Weighted GPA 51.750
Complete 30.93%
Set Rating 16.179
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About this set: As David Hall once wrote, the most popular way to collect Morgan dollars is to collect what you like. Welcome to my collection of what I like! PCGS doesn't have a registry category by that title, however. There are 2 themes here - one quite obvious, the other not so much. There is a complete Carson City set and a partially completed set of Morgans I just like a whole lot for many reasons. Some of my favorites, to be obtained and added to my registry are the 79-Sr78, 80/79-CC, 88-S, 89-S, 95-S, 00-O/CC, and 02-S. I bought many keys first; that was logical as they keep going up in price. It's nice to see my CC set ranked at 102 all-time finest, although I have no such hope for the others; if they make it, great. If not, I'll still enjoy the hunt nonetheless.

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Rotorhead Silver
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No.
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Owner's Comments
  1878 8TF$1 
70741878 7TF$1AU582791117560919827CAC. Well struck with PL fields.
  1878 7/8TF$1 
70801878-CC$1MS646630237172752580Nice contrast. Minimal chatter so common with this date. VAM-4 long nock wi...
70821878-S$1MS64+37348693825081VAM determination under way; too many to review.
70861879-CC$1VF3020934143186143Nice large CC mint mark variety. Last added CC to complete the set...for no...
70901879-O$1MS633522263536652710Lightly proof-like mirrored fields
70921879-S$1MS6438145337594095135548Common as dirt, but what's not to like about an early S mint Morgan?
71001880-CC$1MS644692357773755391Nicely toned and CAC. VAM-3
71141880-O$1AU581426838715929504CAC. PCGS Secure.
71261881-CC$1MS647516665684377208VAM-2 and CAC. Nice PL fields.
71341882-CC$1MS65+1141422148162665+ and very frosty. VAM-5
71441883-CC$1MS657917262993832986VAM-4A. R5
71521884-CC$1MS657418207385942357Lustrous cartwheel gem. VAM 7A. R6 (VR-several hundred) and the current key...
71601885-CC$1MS654027135644611522OGH gem with a sliver of rim tone. VAM-2
71661886$1MS6443238194234403819930Clashed rev at left wing and motto, and obv at lips, neck, and hair.
71701886-S$1MS631872173820371906VAM 1A lines in 6. R3. Not quite PL, but semi PL. OGH.
71901889-CC$1VF2546835544683792Nice overall gray toned and clean fields. VAM-5 far date with dropped C.
71981890-CC$1MS633522263341453113Nice peripheral album toning with bright white centers. VAM-5A multiple die...
72001890-O$1AU5870114817312467CAC. Cool die clashing.
72021890-S$1AU585641081856411219CAC. Perfect example of an AU-63 coin; if not for a touch of rub.
72061891-CC$1MS635154424155704554Prooflike Spitting Eagle Reverse and beautifully colored Liberty with blue ...
72141892-CC$1MS632257224024302367Toned rims and PL fields. CAC. Very frosty. VAM-7 slanted date.
72161892-O$1MS621163520611655227Nice quality for a 62 in an OGH.
72221893-CC$1F1527055482705769Nice for the grade and looks good.
72241893-O$1VF2015933981593427Love the look of this one - crisp details and no marks.
72361895-O$1XF451065222010652230Nice old-time looking toning on this Crescent City coin. CAC. VAM-5 low far...
72581899$1MS643960160041961750Super clean fields and booming cartwheel luster. VAM-5
72841903$1AU584051366040513797Nice quality AU64/5, with only a hint of cabinet friction.
72861903-O$1MS6522027932240803Super clean fields, nice luster, and CAC. VAM-4A Ovaloid at neck. R6.
72921904-O$1MS65+11310111191105PL fields under beautiful rainbow color on both sides.
72981921-D$1AU586671511271515332CAC. A nice only D mint Morgan whose holder and CAC cost more than the coin...