rabbitracks Lincoln Cent Collection II

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About this set: Collecting is all about having fun, no matter what Life brings your way. This FUN set is my enjoyment, that is my expression of my interests. Please enjoy, I try to show the best Photo's of each coin as I see them. SEA coins designated as Superior Eye Appeal (IMHO).

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rabbitracks Lincoln Cent Collection II
 ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
24241909 VDB1CMS66RB1688Thanks to Brian Jones. Coin is Very RED to be in a RB holder Brian also tho...
24311909 Lincoln1CMS66RD50274Thanks to Rick Horetsky Copperpennyminer. Gorgeous Full Red,Strong Strike,...
  1909-S VDB1C 
24331909-S Lincoln1CMS63RB176781Thanks to Richard Howard @Howardsdirect
243619101CMS64RB324174Thanks to Katherine Cary.
24391910-S1CMS63RB147671Thanks to Robert Greenspan Very nice Blue toning around Periphery of Obvers...
244219111CMS64RB24186Thanks to KNH Collectibles.
24441911-D1CMS64BN908Great full strike coin. Thanks to Mark Kingsley @ Northern Plains Coins. Bo...
24481911-S1CMS62RB13390Thanks to Numismatic Financial Corporation.
24531912-D1CMS63BN6261Thanks to Brian Jones
24561912-S1CAU53BN41356Thanks to Chesapeake Coin & Currency
246119131CMS64RD219232Secure Plus Holder from an original roll raw submission SEA
24651913-S1CMS62BN37103Thanks to Rick Horetsky "Copperpennyminer". Coins obverse has wood grain t...
246919141CMS64RB29276Thanks to Robert Greenspan Gorgeous full Red example other than minor carbo...
24711914-D1CVF20BN5642679NW Coin Show Purchase. Double struck on date and Liberty.
24741914-S1CVF30BN54763Thanks to Greg Williar
247819151CMS63RB76311Thanks to Liberty Coin
24801915-D1CMS63BN89122Thanks to Chris Marquart
248819161CMS64RD333644Thanks to Katherine Cary. 1st generation PCGS holder.
24891916-D1CMS63BN89115Thanks to Katherine Cary
24921916-S1CMS64BN9618Thanks to Chris Marquart
249619171CMS64RB21771Thanks to Daphne Hunt @satisfactionamust43 Almost full Red example carbon ...
24991917-D1CMS62RB7323Thanks to Brian Jones
25011917-S1CMS62BN46187Thanks to Gold Coast Exchange.
250619181CMS64RD276388Thanks to Chris Marquart
25071918-D1CMS63BN6466Thanks to Brian Jones.
25101918-S1CAU58BN78190Thanks to Larry Pearse, Nice aqua toning around obverse periphery.
251519191CMS64RD291729Secure Plus Holder, originally NGC MS64 Red crackout submitted raw. Thanks ...
25181919-D1CMS62RD8314Thanks to Bozarth Numismatics Full Red desination but the reverse has toned...
25191919-S1CMS62BN48244Thanks to Scott Duerr
252419201CMS64RD514547Thanks to Family Coin & Jewelry
25251920-D1CMS64BN518Thanks to Chris Brennan Very weak D rotated reverse
25281920-S1CXF40BN31422Thanks to Great Southern Coin
253219211CMS64RB20661Thanks to Lee J Bellisario
25351921-S1CMS63RB169279Thanks to Brian Jones Wood Grained Obverse
25391922-D1CMS63RD78338Thanks to Numismatic Financial Corporation. Reverse is much darker than ob...
254519231CMS64+ RD2310Thanks to Brian Jones Full Red My first Plus coin SEA
25461923-S1CAU50BN46260Thanks to Liberty Coin
254919241CMS64BN321Thanks to Brian Jones
25521924-D1CVF35BN173849Thanks to Keydatestuff
25551924-S1CAU58BN71149Thanks to TNFC
256019251CMS64RD403939Raw Submission
25621925-D1CMS63RB161218Thanks to Yvonne Carpenter. Original PCGS Slab holder. Scratches on Obve...
25641925-S1CMS63BN10549Thanks to Brian Jones
256919261CMS65RD888624Beautiful Roll Fresh example. Purchased at SW Coin Club.
25701926-D1CAU55BN32220Raw Submission Very Nice Doubling on Pluribus Unum
25731926-S1CN1BN01149Thanks to Justin Mirabel Coin is in Genuine Holder marked as Surfaces Toole...
25791927-D1CAU58BN67196Thanks to Charles Cory (layzpoet)
25821927-S1CN1BN0360Raw Submission Full Red Hairline Scratch across bust of Lincoln Reverse DD...
25891928-D1CMS64RB22638Thanks to J&J Coins & Collectibles
25911928-S1CMS62BN1477Thanks to Tony Neely (coinedout)
259619291CMS64RD3461098Thanks to Luke Davis
25991929-D1CMS64RD285259Thanks to Brian Jones
26011929-S1CMS64RB16237Thanks to Brian Jones
260519301CMS66RD100499Thanks to Vic Walker Gorgeous Brilliant Gem Roll Fresh example SEA
26071930-D1CMS64RB6350Raw Submission
26111930-S1CMS64RD516884Thanks to James Sergent Coin has very few marks but carbon spots limit grad...
261419311CMS65RD621282Crackout Originally NTC MS65Red Raw Submission
26151931-D1CMS64BN6313Purple Blues Light Browns Obverse & Reverse Raw Submission
26191931-S1CMS64RB933124Raw Submission
262319321CMS66RD44132Thanks to Brian Jones. Gorgeous Full Red Blazer.
26261932-D1CMS65RD448210Thanks to Rick Horetsky "Copperpennyminer". Gorgeous Red Roll Fresh exampl...
262919331CMS65RD482339Secure Plus Holder, originally NGC MS65RB crackout submitted raw.
26321933-D1CMS65RD698360Thanks to Olga Brettell
263519341CMS66RD1429308Full Red reverse flawless strike Raw Submission
26381934-D1CMS66RD38131Raw Submission Originally NGC MS-65Red Crackout
26441935-D1CMS66RD95288Thanks to Doug Joy
26471935-S1CMS66RD24313Raw Submission
265019361CMS66RD1808229Raw Submission. Gorgeous Roll Fresh Example strong strike few marks.
26531936-D1CMS66RD97197Thanks to Executive Coin Company. Roll Fresh example, full strike and be...
265919371CMS66RD3238431Benson Collection SEA
26621937-D1CMS66RD2103343Thanks to Brian Jones Nicest MS66 Full Red coin I own Flawless surfaces
26651937-S1CMS66RD1236199Thanks to Rick Horetsky
266819381CMS66RD1619301Thanks to Bellevue Rare Coins
26711938-D1CMS66RD1454391Thanks to James Yound Beautiful Full Red roll fresh example SEA
26741938-S1CMS66RD2648250Gorgeous Full Red roll fresh example Thanks to Arthur Selander
267719391CMS66RD3178417Thanks to Calvin Kane
26801939-D1CMS66RD1590441Thanks to Dana Mitchell
26831939-S1CMS66RD2786361Thanks to Brian Jones
268619401CMS66RD1651227Thanks to The Executive Coin Company
26891940-D1CMS66RD2142327Thanks to The Executive Coin Company
26921940-S1CMS66RD2159216Thanks to Bellevue Rare Coins, Stunning MS67 Quality Coin undergraded IMHO
269519411CMS66RD1991202Thanks to Vaughn E. Zook
26981941-D1CMS66RD956214Thanks to Richard Slechta
27011941-S1CMS66RD1855210Thanks to The Executive Coin Company
270419421CMS66RD1658142Nathan Holter
27071942-D1CMS66RD2104299Brian Jones
27101942-S1CMS66RD18123581942-S MS-66 RED
271119431CMS6647941587Thanks to Steve Remtema
27171943-S1CMS6637671698Thanks to Brian Burch
272219441CMS66RD22982391944 MS-66 RED
27251944-D1CMS66RD2167289Raw Submission Nicest Flawless Strike coin from an original roll SEA
27311944-S1CMS66RD3033316Thanks to Ronald Denis
273419451CMS66RD131474Brian Jones
27371945-D1CMS66RD21202541945-D MS-66 RED
27401945-S1CMS66RD3723712Thanks to Patrick McGrady
274319461CMS65RD762543Full strike roll fresh example.
27461946-D1CMS66RD1328156DSW Sun Full RED SEA
27491946-S1CMS66RD2059138From the TBL Collection Thanks Ellewood Gorgeous Full Red Strong strike Obv...
275219471CMS65RD702550Champion Rare Coins
27551947-D1CMS66RD124883Bob Zurick
27581947-S1CMS66RD1721191M&M Coin
276119481CMS66RD43231Raw Submission from an original Roll
27641948-D1CMS66RD106860Raw Submission Originally NGC MS66RED Crack out. Full RED Strong Stike Exa...
27671948-S1CMS66RD2193206Thanks to DMH2000 Image Pro Multimedia Very nice full RED full strike coi...
277019491CMS65RD527426Raw Submission from an Original Roll
27731949-D1CMS66RD46847Thanks to Ira Stein
277919501CMS66RD50145Raw Submission. Gorgeous Full Red Example, SEA.
27821950-D1CMS66RD83246Thanks to Joel Puncochar Horizons Alliance Pretty Pink Toned OBV & Reverse
27851950-S1CMS66RD105987William McKinley
278819511CMS66RD44228Thanks to James Michael Morris
27911951-D1CMS66RD1033123Horizon Alliance
27941951-S1CMS66RD102384Brian Jones
279719521CMS66RD47119Thanks to James Michael Morris
28091953-D1CMS66RD98040Anacs MS-67 Crackout Dark toning on obverse Full Strike SEA
28121953-S1CMS66RD14391381953-S MS-66 RED
281519541CMS65RD1071327Thanks to Luke Davis, Gorgeous Gem Blazer full Strike.
28181954-D1CMS66RD76378Lawrence Grove
28211954-S1CMS66RD35392201954-S MS-66 RED
282419551CMS66RD92352Brian Jones
28331955-S1CMS66RD3499271Zeno Coins
283619561CMS66RD71834Dean R.LarabeeIII
28391956-D1CMS66RD144982MS-66 RED
284219571CMS66RD56013Brian Jones Full RED SEA
28451957-D1CMS66RD142685BowTie Coins
284819581CMS66RD95454Full RED
28511958-D1CMS66RD2566134Full RED nicest piece from an original roll Raw Submission
285419591CMS66RD57617Layz Poet
28691960-D1CMS66RD69435JK Jacksons Gorgeous Cherry OBV Toning
287219611CMS65RD498317Kurt Packard
28751961-D1CMS65RD573221MS-65 RED
287819621CMS65RD539562Raw Submission
28811962-D1CMS65RD709303Frank Lepik
288419631CMS66RD32225Raw Submission SEA
28871963-D1CMS65RD663101Raw Submission SEA
28931964-D1CMS66RD27116David Gaines SEA
289619651CMS66RD449261965 MS-66 RED
290019661CMS66RD2148Thanks to Glen Gardner Both sides weakly struck Full Red
290219671CMS66RD160171967 MS-66 RED
290519681CMS65RD192286Randall Ponte
29081968-D1CMS65RD414412Desert lvr49
29091968-S1CMS66RD52053Scott Brennan SEA
291419691CMS65RD234183Tom Eaton
29171969-D1CMS66RD302141969-D MS-66 RED
29201969-S1CMS64RD353506Raw Submission Double Strike Date & mint mark
293219701CMS65RD171307MS-65 RED
29291970-D1CMS65RD189221MS-65 RED
29391970-S1CMS66RD41924BowTie Coins
294119711CMS66RD31843David Hammon
29441971-D1CMS65RD214218David Doan
29471971-S1CMS65RD209238Raw Submission SEA
295319721CMS66RD32835Raw Submission
29561972-D1CMS65RD163285Michael Zielinski
29591972-S1CMS65RD183223Michael Zielinski
296519731CMS65RD176289Edward Tate
29621973-D1CMS66RD30118Raw Submission
29681973-S1CMS65RD305127ET Coins
297119741CMS66RD41192BowTie Coins
29781974-S1CMS65RD145135Thanks to William Tiffany
297719751CMS66RD28975BowTie Coins
29851976-D1CMS65RD99183Mile High Coins
298619771CMS66RD24488Piney Valley Coins
29871977-D1CMS65RD153170Pinevalley Coins
299219781CMS66RD15341Ronald Budka
29891978-D1CMS64RD61263Raw Submission
299519791CMS66RD231163MS-66 RED
300119801CMS66RD239731980 MS-66 RED
304319811CMS66RD23859Flog 31
30371981-D1CMS66RD32145Thanks Jamie Haletj SEA
304719821CMS66RD329310Cameron Kiefer
30501982-D1CMS66RD196207Small Date Zinc
305319831CMS67RD13429David Doan
30511983-D1CMS67RD21721Michelle Galleries
305919841CMS66RD143264Raw Submission
30681984-D1CMS66RD136204Raw Submission
307119851CMS67RD23122Raw Submission SEA
30741985-D1CMS67RD526173MS-67 RED
30801987-D1CMS66RD210379Telecoin SEA
310319881CMS66RD185191Raw Submission SEA
31051988-D1CMS66RD1442881988-D MS-66 RED SEA
30861990-D1CMS68RD1472Raw Submission SEA
309819921CMS66RD118620Telecoin SEA
31011992-D1CMS66RD124829Raw Submission
310719931CMS67RD3921271993 MS-67 RED
31091993-D1CMS67RD377245MS-67 RED
311519941CMS67RD14125Tom Eaton
31181994-D1CMS67RD28886James Sargent SEA
312719951CMS66RD44395467Raw Submission
313619961CMS67RD39486Brian Ackerman
31421997-D1CMS67RD23535MS-67 RED
314819981CMS67RD302511998 MS-67 RED
31511998-D1CMS67RD14142Carl Watts
31571999-D1CMS68RD49146Cameo CC SEA
316020001CMS68RD27162000 MS-68 RED
31632000-D1CMS67RD367233MS-67 RED
316620011CMS68RD65541Telecoin SEA
317220021CMS68RD676111Telecoin SEA
31752002-D1CMS68RD689103Russell Rachels
317820031CMS68RD1211297The Numish SEA
318420041CMS68RD14744Raw Submission SEA
31872004-D1CMS66RD94454Raw Submission
9319020051CSP69RD120818Raw Submission SEA
931932005-D1CSP68RD1111459David Doan SEA
89319620061CSP69RD98320dabigkahuna SEA
8931992006-D1CSP68RD94891David Doan SEA
14953920071CSP68RD946241Thanks to Seth Woods Coinfame
1495472007-D1CSP68RD60064Thanks to Seth Woods Coinfame
39490220081CSP68RD693104Thanks to Seth Woods Coin Fame
3949082008-D1CSP68RD56357Thanks to Seth Woods Coin Fame
40783820091CSP68RD1137233Thank to Pine Valley Coins
4078472009-D1CSP68RD1301135Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
41666820101CMS65RD179976Thanks to Robert McCann Coinut
4166712010-D1CMS65RD69785Thanks to Robert McCann Coinut
50505520111CMS66RD399152Thanks to Coin Fame
5050582011-D1CMS66RD413211Thanks to Coin Fame
51124420121CMS66RD508107Gorgeous Full strike example Thanks to Scott Marshall@Coin Finders
5112472012-D1CMS66RD54561Gorgeous Full Strike example Thanks to Scott Marshall@Coin Finders
51751420131CMS66RD47134Thanks to Tazmic Enterprises,Inc.
5175172013-D1CMS66RD340151Thanks to Eric Covey
  1909 VDB PR1C 
  1909 PR1C 
  1910 PR1C 
  1911 PR1C 
33131912 PR1CPR62RB7216Thanks to Sane Canup "Kryptonitecomics".
  1913 PR1C 
  1914 PR1C 
  1915 PR1C 
  1916 PR1C 
33311936 Satin PR1CPR62RB7157Thanks to Bob Dodson
  1936 Brilliant PR1C 
33381937 PR1CPR63RD1621222
33401938 PR1CPR65RB5214Thanks to Jetproofs
33441939 PR1CPR64RD598987Thanks to Accent on Coins Plastic is scratched Obverse and Reverse
33471940 PR1CPR64RD585844Thanks to Jeff Werlin JWCAMEO Light Cameo Contrast on Obverse
33491941 PR1CPR63RB70172Thanks to J&J Coins & Collectibles
33531942 PR1CPR64RD1182591NW Coin Show purchase.
33591950 PR1CPR66RD30443Trusted Traditions Almost Matte finish
33621951 PR1CPR66RD383114Thanks to Jeff Werlin JWCameo Coin should be Cameo as it has beautiful fros...
33651952 PR1CPR66RD427145Thanks to Bob Dodson "Watersport"
33681953 PR1CPR67RD26423 Thanks to Jeff Werlin
33711954 PR1CPR67RD26539Thanks to Julian M. Leidman@ Bonanza Coins
33741955 PR1CPR67RD40645Thanks to Bob Dodson "Watersport"
33771956 PR1CPR67RD35840Thanks to Joseph Schmitz
833801957 PR1CPR66CA140136Thanks to Matt onecowbow01
833831958 PR1CPR67CA22024Thanks to Robert Mathewson
833861959 PR1CPR67CA19446Toby Leach Ellwood
833891960 PR1CPR67CA12579Thanks to Geoffrey Cooper, Freckled Toned both sides
933951961 PR1CPR67DC7856Beautiful Deep Cameo GEM Raw Submission
933981962 PR1CPR67DC147183
934011963 PR1CPR67DC202331PR67RD DCAM
934041964 PR1CPR67DC164673PR67RD DCAM Big JohnVT
32901965 SMS PR1CSP67RD2688Toby Leach Ellwood
32931966 SMS PR1CSP67RD828113MS67RD SMS Nick Cascio
32961967 SMS PR1CSP67RD76780MS67RD SMS Mark McClenaghan
934191968-S PR1CPR67DC193293Thanks to M&M Coins and Collectibles Cherry toned Obverse
934221969-S PR1CPR67DC194330PR67RD DCAM Nick Cascio
934301970-S PR1CPR65DC13360RAW Submission
834341971-S PR1CPR68CA9519PR68RD CAM Cox Coins & Collectibles
934371972-S PR1CPR68DC32884PR68RD DCAM
934401973-S PR1CPR68DC240467Thanks to the Cambridge Asset Group
934431974-S PR1CPR68DC222520PR68RD DCAM ST Pierre 5605 Awesome Yellow Toned Obverse
934461975-S PR1CPR68DC196456Mike Sturgeon dbemike
934491976-S PR1CPR66DC57825PR66RD DCAM
934521977-S PR1CPR68DC2471324PR68RD DCAM Shuckins1
934551978-S PR1CPR69DC15649PR69RD DCAM Shuckins1
934581979-S PR1CPR69DC103410Toby Leach Ellwood
934641980-S PR1CPR69DC185217PR69RD DCAM
934671981-S PR1CPR69DC26529PR69RD DCAM Type 1
934731982-S PR1CPR69DC156712PR69RD DCAM L&C Enterprises
934761983-S PR1CPR69DC195239Thanks to L&C Enterprises Toned Deep Cherry Red
934791984-S PR1CPR69DC273672Thanks to Susan's Treasures & Collectibles
934821985-S PR1CPR69DC290776PR69RD DCAM Coin Finders
  1986-S PR1C 
934881987-S PR1CPR69DC3815115PR69RD DCAM
934911988-S PR1CPR69DC3197145PR69RD DCAM
934941989-S PR1CPR69DC3116183PR69RD DCAM
934971990-S PR1CPR69DC3669152PR69RD DCAM Great Southern Coins
935001991-S PR1CPR69DC3067225PR69RD DCAM Finest Known
935031992-S PR1CPR69DC6450325PR69RD DCAM Great Southern Coins
935121993-S PR1CPR69DC5190273PR69RD DCAM Mark McClenaghan
935151994-S PR1CPR69DC5060219PR69RD DCAM Mark McClenaghan
935181995-S PR1CPR69DC4592322PR69RD DCAM Mark McClenaghan
935211996-S PR1CPR69DC4515242PR69RD DCAM Great Southern Coins
935241997-S PR1CPR69DC4309160PR69RD DCAM Great Southern Coins Old Green Holder Reverse Toned Deep Cherry...
935271998-S PR1CPR69DC4977235PR69RD DCAM Centsles
935301999-S PR1CPR69DC5618278PR69RD DCAM Hire Coins
935362000-S PR1CPR69DC7128448PR69RD DCAM Hire Coins
935392001-S PR1CPR69DC6111306PR69RD DCAM Hire Coins
935422002-S PR1CPR69DC6327216PR69RD DCAM
935452003-S PR1CPR69DC7444255PR69RD DCAM
935512004-S PR1CPR70DC3850Thanks to James Michael Morris
935542005-S PR1CPR69DC6232299PR69RD DCAM
935592006-S PR1CPR70DC4030Thanks James Michael Morris
1495552007-S PR1CPR69DC3989276Thanks to Tim Mayberry Paris Coins
3949132008-S PR1CPR69DC3189323Thanks to Seth Woods Coin Fame
4078992009-S PR1CPR69DC5231346Thanks to Walter Johnston,Obverse Cherry toned.
4166822010-S PR1CPR69DC3660258Thanks to Coin Fame, Lyndall Bass Label
5050632011-S PR1CPR69DC2846321Thanks to Coin Fame
5112522012-S PR1CPR69DC108782Thanks to L&C Coins
5177822013-S PR1CPR69DC89453Thanks to Mathew Nickday