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 PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
4078242009 1C Early Childhood1CMS66RD258433
4072432009-D 1C Early Childhood1CMS66RD97946
4078312009 1C Formative Years1CMS66RD66410
4078412009-D 1C Formative Years1CMS66RD3311
4078532009 1C Professional1CMS65RD1132776
4078622009-D 1C Professional1CMS65RD1491596
4078712009 1C Presidency1CMS65RD21831594
4078782009-D 1C Presidency1CMS66RD2095
4072532009-P 5C5CMS66FS1170
4072572009-D 5C5CMS65FS11650
4072642009-P 10C10CMS66FB1429
4072682009-D 10C10CMS66FB14747
4065972009-P 25C District of Columbia25CMS671810
4065992009-D 25C District of Columbia25CMS671550
4066012009-P 25C Puerto Rico25CMS671650
4066032009-D 25C Puerto Rico25CMS671952
4066052009-P 25C Guam25CMS671990
4066072009-D 25C Guam25CMS672580
4066092009-P 25C America Samoa25CMS672241
4066112009-D 25C America Samoa25CMS672564
4066132009-P 25C U.S. Virgin Islands25CMS671982
4066152009-D 25C U.S. Virgin Islands25CMS671711
4066172009-P 25C Northern Mariana Islands25CMS671423
4066192009-D 25C Northern Mariana Islands25CMS671400
4072772009-P 50C50CMS6616563
4072792009-D 50C50CMS668324
4069352009-P $1 Native American$1MS674874
4069372009-D $1 Native American$1MS66384126
4073712009-P $1 William Henry Harrison$1MS6780
4073762009-D $1 William Henry Harrison$1MS663896
4073872009-P $1 John Tyler$1MS65254176
4073882009-D $1 John Tyler$1MS65261130
4097112009-P $1 James K. Polk$1MS66242
4097162009-D $1 James K. Polk$1MS65240437
4097232009-P $1 Zachary Taylor$1MS66366
4097282009-D $1 Zachary Taylor$1MS6583410
4166682010 1C Shield1CMS65RD181291
4166712010-D 1C Shield1CMS65RD706104
4187832010-P 5C5CMS67FS941
4187862010-D 5C5CMS67FS1103
4187972010-P 10C10CMS67FB10018
4187992010-D 10C10CMS66FB8618
4188132010-P 25C Hot Springs NP25CMS66200101
4188142010-D 25C Hot Springs NP25CMS6610941
4188152010-P 25C Yellowstone NP25CMS66760
4188162010-D 25C Yellowstone NP25CMS661091
4188172010-P 25C Yosemite NP25CMS661347
4188182010-D 25C Yosemite NP25CMS661473
4188192010-P 25C Grand Canyon NP25CMS671820
4188202010-D 25C Grand Canyon NP25CMS671983
4188212010-P 25C Mount Hood NP25CMS667813
4188222010-D 25C Mount Hood NP25CMS661123
4167852010-P 50C50CMS671956
4167862010-D 50C50CMS67921
4162322010-P $1 Native American$1MS66341137
4162332010-D $1 Native American$1MS6621416
4178632010-P $1 Millard Fillmore$1MS6578298
4178662010-D $1 Millard Fillmore$1MS65208173
4178692010-P $1 Franklin Pierce$1MS663450
4178682010-D $1 Franklin Pierce$1MS65125217
4178712010-P $1 James Buchanan$1MS662369
4178742010-D $1 James Buchanan$1MS6560152
4178752010-P $1 Abraham Lincoln$1MS6636112
4178762010-D $1 Abraham Lincoln$1MS663571
5050552011 1C Shield1CMS67RD1457
5050582011-D 1C Shield1CMS67RD2131
5050662011-P 5C5CMS67FS761
5050682011-D 5C5CMS67FS901
5050712011-P 10C10CMS67FB11910
5050732011-D 10C10CMS67FB954
5050802011-P 25C Gettysburg NP25CMS67862
5050812011-D 25C Gettysburg NP25CMS6624122
5051432011-P 25C Glacier NP25CMS671394
5051442011-D 25C Glacier NP25CMS6620131
5051452011-P 25C Olympic NP25CMS67992
5051462011-D 25C Olympic NP25CMS6624560
5051472011-P 25C Vicksburg NP25CMS6622467
5051482011-D 25C Vicksburg NP25CMS6622942
5051492011-P 25C Chickasaw NP25CMS671391
5051502011-D 25C Chickasaw NP25CMS6618533
5051912011-P 50C50CMS6731823
5051922011-D 50C50CMS6722910
5052012011-P $1 Native American$1MS6723115
5052022011-D $1 Native American$1MS6718512
5065062011-P $1 Andrew Johnson$1MS66155192
5065132011-D $1 Andrew Johnson$1MS671486
5065162011-P $1 Ulysses S. Grant$1MS672037
5065212011-D $1 Ulysses S. Grant$1MS66103152
5065252011-P $1 Rutherford B. Hayes$1MS6721116
5065262011-D $1 Rutherford B. Hayes$1MS6717613
5065332011-P $1 James Garfield$1MS671735
5065342011-D $1 James Garfield$1MS671378
5112442012 1C Shield1CMS66RD512119
5112472012-D 1C Shield1CMS66RD54771
5115492012-P 5C5CMS66FS24720
5115522012-D 5C5CMS66FS25536
5115532012-P 10C10CMS66FB22353
5115542012-D 10C10CMS67FB652
5100662012-P 25C El Yunque NP25CMS671465
5100672012-D 25C El Yunque NP25CMS671226
5143472012-S 25C El Yunque NP25CMS6718918
5100682012-P 25C Chaco Culture NP25CMS6619868
5100692012-D 25C Chaco Culture NP25CMS6620959
5143482012-S 25C Chaco Culture NP25CMS669585
5100702012-P 25C Acadia NP25CMS6611233
5100712012-D 25C Acadia NP25CMS6614020
5143492012-S 25C Acadia NP25CMS666839
5100722012-P 25C Hawaii Volcanoes NP25CMS6615890
5100732012-D 25C Hawaii Volcanoes NP25CMS6623456
5143502012-S 25C Hawaii Volcanoes NP25CMS671160
5100742012-P 25C Denali NP25CMS6618682
5100752012-D 25C Denali NP25CMS67630
5143512012-S 25C Denali NP25CMS67791
5115582012-P 50C50CMS671977
5115572012-D 50C50CMS671767
5124632012-P $1 Native American$1MS671294
5124642012-D $1 Native American$1MS6725532
5120512012-P $1 Chester Arthur$1MS6722512
5120522012-D $1 Chester Arthur$1MS66139120
5120612012-P $1 Grover Cleveland 22nd$1MS6723113
5120852012-D $1 Grover Cleveland 22nd$1MS667791
5120672012-P $1 Benjamin Harrison$1MS671938
5120682012-D $1 Benjamin Harrison$1MS66107107
5120762012-P $1 Grover Cleveland 24th$1MS6720413
5120772012-D $1 Grover Cleveland 24th$1MS6694122
  2013 1C1C 
  2013-D 1C1C 
  2013-P 5C5C 
  2013-D 5C5C 
  2013-P 10C10C 
  2013-D 10C10C 
  2013-P 25C White Mountain NP25C 
  2013-D 25C White Mountain NP25C 
  2013-S 25C White Mountain NP25C 
  2013-P 25C Perry's Memorial NP25C 
  2013-D 25C Perry's Memorial NP25C 
  2013-S 25C Perry's Memorial NP25C 
  2013-P 25C Great Basin NP25C 
  2013-D 25C Great Basin NP25C 
5171992013-S 25C Great Basin NP25CMS67313
  2013-P 25C Fort McHenry NP25C 
  2013-D 25C Fort McHenry NP25C 
  2013-S 25C Fort McHenry NP25C 
  2013-P 25C Mount Rushmore NP25C 
  2013-D 25C Mount Rushmore NP25C 
5172052013-S 25C Mount Rushmore NP25CMS67350
5187192013-P 50C50C 
5187202013-D 50C50C 
  2013-P $1 Native American$1 
  2013-D $1 Native American$1 
  2013-P $1 Theodore Roosevelt$1 
  2013-D $1 Theodore Roosevelt$1 
  2013-P $1 William Howard Taft$1 
  2013-D $1 William Howard Taft$1 
  2013-P $1 William McKinley$1 
  2013-D $1 William McKinley$1 
  2013-P $1 Woodrow Wilson$1 
  2013-D $1 Woodrow Wilson$1 
  2014 1C1C 
  2014-D 1C1C 
  2014 5C5C 
  2014-D 5C5C 
  2014-P 10C10C 
  2014-D 10C10C 
5248992014-P 25C Everglades NP25CMS665246
5249012014-D 25C Everglades NP25CMS676219
5249022014-S 25C Everglades NP25CMS663721
5249102014-P 25C Great Sand Dunes NP25CMS67483
5249172014-D 25C Great Sand Dunes NP25CMS66190
5249132014-S 25C Great Sand Dunes NP25CMS6611139
5249182014-P 25C Arches NP25CMS67622
5249192014-D 25C Arches NP25CMS675516
5249232014-S 25C Arches NP25CMS6614512
5249252014-P 25C Shenandoah NP25CMS667457
5249262014-D 25C Shenandoah NP25CMS67665
5249272014-S 25C Shenandoah NP25CMS666043
5249312014-P 25C Great Smokey Mtns NP25CMS67490
5249322014-D 25C Great Smokey Mtns NP25CMS67374
  2014-S 25C Great Smokey Mtns NP25C 
  2014-P 50C Clad50C 
  2014-D 50C Clad50C 
  2014-D 50C Silver50C 
  2014-S 50C Silver50C 
  2014-P Native American$1 
  2014-D Native American$1 
  2014-P $1 Warren G. Harding$1 
  2014-D $1 Warren G. Harding$1 
  2014-P $1 Calvin Coolidge$1 
  2014-D $1 Calvin Coolidge$1 
  2014-P $1 Herbert Hoover $1 
  2014-D $1 Herbert Hoover$1 
  2014-P $1 Franklin D. Roosevelt$1 
  2014-D $1 Franklin D. Roosevelt$1