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About this set: Holy Mackerel Set #2

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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No.
Pop Higher
Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
70731878 8TF$1MS64PL1231314960Gorgeous ! also has CAC green sticker
70751878 7TF Reverse of 1878$1MS65PL3444325Words cannot describe the Reflectivity of this Morgan - Rev '78' or my Joy ...
  1878 7TF Reverse of 1879$1 
  1878 7/8TF Strong$1 
70811878-CC$1MS63PL575626587965' 78 ' cc Awesome !
70851879$1MS64PL97219799Gorgeous !
  1879-CC Capped Die$1 
70931879-S$1MS65PL10903761090591Gorgeous PL
  1879-S Reverse of 1878$1 
970971880$1MS64DM84348460Thanks to Heritage - GORGEOUS !!!!!
  1880 8/7$1 
71011880-CC$1MS64PL284136284229Gorgeous ! PL Thanks Heritage Dallas Sign.
  1880-CC 8/High 7$1 
  1880-CC 8/Low 7$1 
  1880/79-CC Reverse of 1878$1 
  1880-CC 8/7 Reverse of 1878$1 
971151880-O$1MS62DM468446152What a Beautiful Morgan, 1880- O Beautiful Contrast PCGS did a Excellent J...
  1880-O 80/79$1 
71191880-S$1MS65PL253590525351755Gorgeous ! PL
  1880-S 80/79$1 
71251881$1MS64PL74157485From The Joe Scialdone Collection Awesome , Won in/at Heritage auction #114...
71271881-CC$1MS62PL1109391102099Gorgeous *****
971351882-CC$1MS64DM802461805960Gorgeous ! DMPL !!
971371882-O$1MS63DM194164194377Gorgeous and CAC green Sticker . Miss Liberty's Cheek makes up for any mark...
  1882-O/S Strong$1 
971451883-CC$1MS64DM133394713331762 UNBELIEVABLE DMPL THANX DLRC
971511884$1MS64DM1004510184Beautiful Deep Mirrors !! Thanks Heritage Fort Worth 2010
971531884-CC$1MS64DM141279514121421Magnificent cameo contrast with Deep Mirrors and this CC Dollar has the (li...
971551884-O$1MS64DM716305735584GORGEOUS ! - DMPL cameo
971611885-CC$1MS65DM20862208119Palm Beach Auction #1127 Magnificent! CAMEO ! DMPL
71631885-O$1MS65PL22335223286Wonderful Morgan - with Excellent Mirrors for PL and this Baby has OLD Gree...
971671886$1MS63DM269445269895Old Green Label Holder and a Beauty !
427941886-S$1MS62DM2415241Formerly Key West Collection !Put Your sunglasses on ! Very Deep Mirrors. G...
971771887-O$1MS63DM7110971251Purchased years ago from David Lawrence R.C. and I still feel that JOY when...
971831888$1MS64+ DM4614122
  1888-O Doubled Die Obv$1 
71871888-S$1MS63PL697569195Thanks Heritage #1136 2010 Former Big Sky Montana Collection ! Gorgeous !!...
971891889$1MS63DM7413374242Old Green Label Holder Beautiful
971931889-O$1MS62DM236023133Magnificent Mirrors ! and this baby has that well deserved little green CAC...
71951889-S$1MS63PL57495790Gorgeous !! '89-S' 63PL !
971971890$1MS63DM8711087209GORGEOUS ! - DMPL cameo
971991890-CC$1MS63DM298242298368From The Snake River Collection !Holy Mackerel : Breath Taking/Gorgeous !
  1890-CC Tailbar$1 
972011890-O$1MS64DM1522215274The Word - - CAMEO ! blk./wht. Awesome !
72051891$1MS62PL3950391391891 , Beautiful,waited for nice Strike in PL. Waiting Paid OFF.
972111891-S$1MS63DM513851197Awesome ! and This One has CAC green Sticker !
72151892-CC$1MS61PL5437154527Words cannot Describe the Joy !Thanks to DLRC The Reverse is 64 DMPL Cameo...
72331894-S$1MS63PL29342944Old Green label Holder- GORGEOUS !! 1894-S 63 PL WOW ! Auction #1138
72411896$1MS64PL340129342562Beautiful PL Outstanding Strike
972471897$1MS63DM7010170345WOW - Nice Mirrors for this Late in the Series - Can't tell you what I Paid...
72531898$1MS64PL271144271368 GORGEOUS !!! This Coin My Goodness PL !!
72551898-O$1MS65PL21060210265Gorgeous ! Old green label Holder 65PL
72571898-S$1MS64PL4054046CAC - little green Sticker WOW Gorgeous ! AT THE TOP OF MY FAVORITE LIST.
72591899$1MS63PL110232110451Beautiful ! Thanx Again -DLRC
72611899-O$1MS65PL40164081Gorgeous !!65PL - Thanks Heritage Auction #1147
72631899-S$1MS64PL69476976We Did IT Again ! Long Beach june-- 64 Proof LIKE ! HOLY MACKEREL !!!!!!! n...
72651900$1MS63PL16561660WOW ! Old First Generation Holder ,Most of All This Beautiful ProofLike 190...
72671900-O$1MS65PL812785411st Generation Holder "RATTLE" 65PL Excellent
72711900-S$1MS64PL85268530awesome PCGS SECURE
72751901-O$1MS65PL1541515426Beautiful ! - PL
72811902-O$1MS64PL227120227150Green Label Holder and very nice reflectivity
972871903-O$1MS62DM7637184REFLECTIVITY is AAA+++++
72931904-O$1MS63PL86617078662260 Gorgeous ! PL - SPECTACULAR
72971921$1MS63PL133121133131Holy Mackerel the Date -1921 - is white and the MIRRORS are EXCEPTIONAL - t...