The Gaines Collection - Morgans

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About this set: This is a family project. It started off as a display of toners. Now were adding a few white coins.

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The Gaines Collection - Morgans
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
  1878 8TF$1 
  1878 7TF$1 
  1878 7/8TF$1 
70841879$1MS6345995170Wrapper Toned.
70921879-S$1MS65237288917HOLY COW!!!
71281881-O$1MS6366264405Rainbow 70% obverse coverage.
71301881-S$1MS65496481544880% coverage obv, bright pastel
71361882-O$1MS6381196484100% Coverage Rev, bag tone
71401882-S$1MS62302272521Cresent, 70% coverage reverse.
71461883-O$1MS64378009185Rainbow, 95% coverage obverse
71581885$1MS632144636099Crecent reverse, 40% coverage
71621885-O$1MS636488291096Stunning Rev. Toner!!
71721887$1MS634924976560Crecent reverse, 60% coverage
71881889$1MS631615213362100% Coverage Rev, bag tone
72921904-O$1MS627285104329Bull''s Eye