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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
  1859 W 9/81C 
  1859 N9, bronze1C 
300841859 N9, brass1C 
  1859 Dpn9 T11C 
  1859 Dpn9 T21C 
  1859 Dpn9 T31C 
  1859 Dpn9 T41C 
  1859 Dpn9 T51C 
  1859 9/Inverted 91C 
  1859 Tpn9 T11C 
  1891 LL,LD1C 
  1891 LL,SD1C 
  1891 SL,SD1C 
3013119031CMS65RB1001c Canada 1903 MS65RB PCGS OGH Edward VII Practically full Red
3014919081CMS65RB1501c Canada 1908 MS65RB PCGS
3018619111CMS67BN10Pop 1 in this grade, sole finest of the one-year 'Godless' type by two poin...
3019019121CMS65RB2041c Canada 1912 MS65 RB PCGS
3020819181CMS65RB2421c Canada 1918 MS65RB PCGS OGH Full Red reverse