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96081983-S Olympic S$1$1PR69DC483861483861
96121984-S Olympic S$1$1PR69DC46791554679155
96211986-S Statue of Liberty S$1$1PR68DC5471106154711061
96251987-S Constitution S$1$1PR68DC52766395276647
96291988-S Olympic S$1$1PR68DC28940842894084
96351989-S Congress S$1$1PR69DC298996298996
96391990-P Eisenhower S$1$1PR68DC32170353217035
96451991-S Mount Rushmore S$1$1PR69DC35532743553274
96531991-P Korea S$1$1PR69DC337382337382
96591991-S USO S$1$1PR69DC21331012133101
96611992-W White House S$1$1PR69DC27321322732132
96651992-P Columbus S$1$1PR69DC281997281997
99231992-S Olympic S$1$1PR69DC286884286884
96711993-S Madison S$1$1PR69DC280862280862
96771991-95-W World War II S$1$1PR69DC31121363112136
96831994-S World Cup S$1$1PR69DC28671632867163
96891993-S Jefferson S$1$1PR69DC21461042146104
96911994-P Prisoners of War S$1$1PR69DC267048267048
96931994-P Vietnam S$1$1PR69DC300872300872
96951994-P Women in Military S$1$1PR69DC221136225536
96971994-S Capitol S$1$1PR68DC21721642172164
97171995-P Gymnastics S$1$1PR68DC16221521622152
97191995-P Paralympic S$1$1PR69DC22151002215100
97051995-P Special Olympics S$1$1PR69DC150475150475
97011995-S Civil War S$1$1PR69DC33761633376163
97211995-P Track and Field S$1$1PR68DC13419601341960
97231995-P Cycling S$1$1PR68DC17215861721586
97251996-P Tennis S$1$1PR69DC133812133812
97271996-P Paralympic S$1$1PR68DC18715391871539
97291996-P Rowing S$1$1PR69DC127214127214
97311996-P High Jump S$1$1PR69DC1316213162
97411996-S Community Service S$1$1PR69DC19231871923187
97431996-P Smithsonian S$1$1PR69DC172449172449
97471997-P Botanic Garden S$1$1PR69DC164454164454
97581997-S Jackie Robinson S$1$1PR69DC19221271922127
97621997-P Officers S$1$1PR68DC12816421281642
97641998-S Robert F. Kennedy S$1$1PR68DC12313541231354
97701998-S C. Attucks S$1$1PR69DC152282152282
97721999-P Dolley Madison S$1$1PR69DC27833312783331
997781999-P Yellowstone S$1$1PR69DC197482197482
997832000-P Library S$1$1PR69DC19121171912117
997852000-P Leif Ericson S$1$1PR68DC29120594033085
997912001-P Capitol Visitor Ctr S$1$1PR69DC206383206383
997932001-P Buffalo S$1$1PR68DC7951914779519147
997982002-P Salt Lake City Olympics S$1$1PR69DC183385183385
9210002002-W West Point Bicentennial S$1$1PR69DC32772623277262
9210022003-P First Flight S$1$1PR69DC194085194085
9210052004-P Lewis & Clark S$1$1 
9210042004-P Edison S$1$1PR69DC22751102275110
9210062005-P Marshall S$1$1PR69DC16873241687324
9210072005-P Marine Corps S$1$1PR69DC49118374911837
9210082006-P Scientist S$1$1PR69DC26273802627380
9210092006-P Founding Father S$1$1PR69DC2439102224391022
210112006-S San Francisco Old Mint S$1$1PR69DC40813804081380
1474402007-P Jamestown S$1$1PR69DC36359603635960
1495702007-P Desegregation S$1$1 
3944182008-P Bald Eagle S$1$1PR69DC42473654247365
4073512009-P Abraham Lincoln S$1$1 
4088262009-P Louis Braille Bicentennial S$1$1PR69DC17801381780138
4185392010-P Boy Scouts of America S$1$1 
4177542010-W Disabled Veterans S$1$1PR69DC2215153222151532
  2011-P United States Army S$1$1 
  2011-P Medal of Honor S$1$1 
5111652012-W S$1 Infantry$1PR69DC5151101035294
  2012-P S$1 Star-Spangled Banner$1 
  2013-P 5 Star Generals Marshall, Eisenhower S$1$1 
  2013-W Girl Scouts S$1$1 
5256422014-P Baseball Hall of Fame S$1$1PR69DC1612975759813213
5243552014-P Civil Rights Act of 1964 S$1$1PR69DC407241489268
  2015-P U.S. Marshals Service$1 
  2015-W March of Dimes$1 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.