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San Francisco Morgan Dollars, Low Ball 1878-1921: The "Best" San Francisco Low Ball collection ever VI

The "Best" San Francisco Low Ball collection ever VI

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About this set: BOTBOTW: (1878-1921) The San Francisco mint has been and continues to be one of the most "High Profile" mints in the U.S. treasury. Gold and silver coins as well as bullion traveled by trains, ships, and stagecoach in the early years of its operation. Many of the "Famous" coins ever struck came from the San Francisco mint such as the 1893-S Morgan dollar and other scarce denominational coins as well. In this set you will see several coins that hold the distinction of being a "One of a Kind" coins (8) now graded this low. A remarkable accomplishment in such a short set. The last five "S" PO01s to be added in this set was the elusive 1878-S PO01 a non VAM coin, the 1879-S Rev78 PO01 a remarkable discovery coin. Next was the 1890-S PO01 becoming the first of the 1890s PO01, and next was the 1884-S PO01 recently discovered and graded on (05/01/2012). The 1879-S Rev78 PO01 was a major find that was overlooked for years. At first glance it was thought to be just a plain 1879-S Morgan dollar. After seeing the arrow feathers it became clear that what was found was actually the 1879-S Rev78 PO01 and PCGS graded this coin on 05/10/2012. This next coin to make a splash and open up the twentieth century is the 1900-S PO01 PCGS graded 06/12/2011 with its near "Basal" PO01 grade. The latest to be added to this collection is the 1899-S PO01. A Morgan dollar that always had the look of a PO01 but was properly graded on this last trip. This next Morgan dollar the 1888-S PO01 PCGS graded 01/10/2014 was a most difficult coin to confirm. The coin has had some serious miles logged on to its travels and has criss-crossed the country a few times now since it was found. The latest discovery is the 1887-S PO01. Found in a junk box and PCGS graded on 05/12/2014 it's a tough coin and grade for this year. The 1904-S PO01 PCGS graded 12/15/2014 being added to this San Francisco low ball set completes all the latter mint years now in PO01. The 1903-S PO01 PCGS grade 01/26/2015 became the latest to grade making it the 317th PO01 PCGS has graded thus far and also the second example graded. This newly discovered 1889-S PO01 PCGS graded 02/27/2015 adds yet another milestone for this set. It marks every date graded a PO01 except the 1893-S which is the "Holy Grail" Morgan dollar to every Morgan dollar collection. This set has a great selections of some of the finest graded Low Ball Morgan dollars ever assembled into one set being represented here. Certainly lots of interesting twists & turns each one of these coins could talk about. Thank you for your interest in this truly unique San Francisco Morgan dollar low ball set. Created: 04/26/2012 - Last Upgrade/Update: 02/20/2016

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The "Best" San Francisco Low Ball collection ever VI
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop LowerOwner's Comments
70821878-S$1PO150*5/4 - 08/22/2014 ~ 5th example graded
70941879-S$1PO130*3/3 - 04/11/2016 ~ Rev78 - 3rd example graded *******
1339881880-S$1PO110*1/1 - 01/13/2016 ~ VAM-11 8/9 Overdate Hot50 - Solo Lowest *******
71301881-S$1PO1202/2 - 07/10/2008 ~ 1st example graded *****
71401882-S$1PO110*1/1 - 05/09/2011 ~ Solo Lowest *****
71481883-S$1PO1101/1 - 10/21/2009 ~ Solo Lowest *****
71561884-S$1PO150*5/4 - 03/09/2014 ~ 4th example graded *******
71641885-S$1PO1202/2 - 10/27/2008 ~ 1st example graded
71701886-S$1PO1101/1 - 01/17/2008 ~ 1st example graded *****
71801887-S$1PO110*1/1 - 05/12/2014 ~ Solo Lowest *******
71861888-S$1PO120*2/2 - 01/10/2014 ~ 1st example graded *******
71941889-S$1PO110*1/1 - 02/27/2015 ~ Solo Lowest*******
72021890-S$1PO1303/2 - 02/08/2012 ~ 1st example graded
72101891-S$1PO1202/2 - 06/19/2009 ~ 2nd example graded *******
72181892-S$1PO1303/3 - 02/04/2005 ~ 1st example graded
72261893-S$1FR2270*24/5 - 10/12/2010 ~ 13th example graded *****
72321894-S$1PO1202/1 - 02/08/2010 ~ 1st example graded *****
72381895-S$1PO1303/3 - 10/29/2003 ~ 1st example graded *****
72441896-S$1PO150 5/3 - 04/29/2010
72501897-S$1PO1202/2 - 10/17/2007 ~ 1st example graded
72561898-S$1PO130*3/3 - 05/11/2012 ~ 2nd example graded
72621899-S$1PO130*3/3 - 08/21/2013 ~ 2nd example graded *******
72701900-S$1PO1101/1 - 06/30/2011 ~ Solo Lowest *****
72761901-S$1PO1202/2 - 04/30/2010 ~ 1st example graded
72821902-S$1PO1202/2 - 10/21/2009 ~ 1st example graded *****
72881903-S$1PO130*3/2 - 07/16/2010 ~ 1st example graded *****
72941904-S$1PO110*1/1 - 12/15/2014 ~ Solo Lowest *****
73001921-S$1PO119019/17 - 08/30/2007