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US Mint Presidential Medals with variities
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Description: The definitive list including the Type 1 & Type 2 Peace Medals of modern bronze Presidential Medals struck at the U.S. Mint

ImagePCGS No.DateDenomVarietyGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
413548No DateMedalThe White HouseMS68RD141 
151226No DateMedalGeorge Washington Type 1MS67RD2021 
509795No DateMedalGeorge Washington Type 2MS68RD20 
413566No DateMedalJohn AdamsMS68RD10 
389899No DateMedalThomas JeffersonMS68RD31 
408670No DateMedalJames Madison Type 1MS68RD814 
511088No DateMedalJames Madison Type 2MS67RD10 
509801No DateMedalJames Monroe Type 1MS66RD21 
408673No DateMedalJames Monroe Type 2MS68RD30 
408676No DateMedalJohn Quincy Adams Type 1MS68RD30 
509798No DateMedalJohn Quincy Adams Type 2MS67RD10 
413584No DateMedalAndrew Jackson Type 1MS67RD32 
511091No DateMedalAndrew Jackson Type 2MS66RD10 
408682No DateMedalMartin Van Buren Type 1MS68RD30 
509792No DateMedalMartin Van Buren Type 2MS66RD10 
413511No DateMedalWilliam HarrisonMS69RD40 
413515No DateMedalJohn Tyler Type 1MS67RD70 
509808No DateMedalJohn Tyler Type 2MS69RD10 
511085No DateMedalJames Polk Type 1MS68RD10 
413508No DateMedalJames Polk Type 2MS68RD50 
413505No DateMedalZachary Taylor Type 1MS68RD30 
509818No DateMedalZachary Taylor Type 2MS68RD10 
413502No DateMedalMillard FillmoreMS68RD20 
413590No DateMedalFranklin PierceMS67RD51 
413587No DateMedalJames BuchananMS68RD20 
409621No DateMedalAbraham LincolnMS68RD81208 
413563No DateMedalAndrew JohnsonMS68RD10 
413518No DateMedalUlysses S. GrantMS69RD20 
397153No DateMedalRutherford Hayes Hayes Obv / Grant Rev MuleMS68RD20 
397061No DateMedalRutherford HayesMS67RD42 
413524No DateMedalJames GarfieldMS68RD20 
413557No DateMedalChester A. ArthurMS68RD30 
413560No DateMedalGrover ClevelandMS69RD10 
506852No DateMedalBenjamin HarrisonMS68RD40 
506847No DateMedalWilliam McKinleyMS68RD60 
413521No DateMedalTheodore RooseveltMS68RD80 
413554No DateMedalWilliam H. TaftMS66RD52 
413572No DateMedalWoodrow WilsonMS67RD41 
413569No DateMedalWarren G. HardingMS68RD30 
413527No DateMedalCalvin CoolidgeMS67RD41 
413551No DateMedalHerbert HooverMS67RD30 
413581No DateMedalFranklin D. RooseveltMS66RD44 
413578No DateMedalHarry S. TrumanMS68RD10 
413575No DateMedalDwight D. EisenhowerMS68RD10 
413530No DateMedalJohn F. KennedyMS68RD100 
413533No DateMedalLyndon B. JohnsonMS68RD80 
413536No DateMedalRichard Nixon 1st TermMS67RD161 
509722No DateMedalRichard Nixon 2nd TermMS67RD10 
511160No DateMedalRichard Nixon Mule 2nd Term Obv / 1st Term RevMS66RD11 
413539No DateMedalGerald FordMS68RD171 
413545No DateMedalJimmy CarterMS69RD10 
509681(c.1977)MedalJ. Carter InaugurationPR69DC20 
413542No DateMedalRonald ReaganMS67RD515 
500859No DateMedalGeorge H.W. BushMS69RD10 
419637No DateMedalW. J. Clinton 1st TermMS67RD61 
509727No DateMedalW. J. Clinton 2nd TermMS69RD20 
419640No DateMedalGeorge W. Bush 1st TermMS68RD70 
509719No DateMedalGeorge W. Bush 2nd TermMS68RD10 

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