Description: The beautiful Libertas Americana Medal struck in 1783 became the inspiration for the flowing hair Liberty coinage of the First U.S. Mint.

ImagePCGS No.DateDenomVarietyGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
151000(1781)MedalLibertas Americana SilverMS6136
151815(1781)MedalLibertas Americana BronzeMS65BN40
519404(1783)MedalPeace of Versailles Betts-608 TinSP6110
5098991976MedalLibertas Am. Silver Copy of Original Design MS6710
5189431983MedalLibertas Am. Bronze Copy of Original DesignMS6810
5100121776MedalLibertas Am. Silver 2000 RestrikeMS6510
5119381776MedalLibertas Americana Gold 2000 Restrike 64g. AuPR68DC30
5100071776MedalLibertas Am. Silver 2004 RestrikePR69DC360
5152641776MedalLibertas Americana Gold 2004 Restrike 43g. Au PR68DC30
5100081776MedalLibertas Am. Silver 2005 RestrikeMS6140
5100101776MedalLibertas Am. Bronze 2005 RestrikeMS62RB41