Western Reserve Collection - 6th

Current Statistics
Rank 6
Weighted GPA 65.228
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 65.228
Retired Statistics (1/15/2013)
Rank 5
Weighted GPA 65.228
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 65.228
cassens44's Sets

About this set: I've tried to assemble a set of naturally colored coins with the best strike detail for the grade. I like white coins that have not been "dipped" or messed with in the past. True natural white coins are of the higest importance together ofcourse with the strike.

Western Reserve Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
6566191650CMS66939Great white 66
65671916-D50CMS66674Mottled 66
65681916-S50CMS659415blast white gem OGH
6569191750CMS66894shinning silver-gray
65701917-D Obverse50CMS65839white coin with mostly original mint luster
65711917-D Reverse50CMS65445blast white great strike + potential
65721917-S Obverse50CMS6414648nice white coin good strike CAC
65731917-S Reverse50CMS654810CAC
6574191850CMS651028Nice white 65
65751918-D50CMS6431033Good Strike white 64
65761918-S50CMS6441548Bright white 64
6577191950CMS6412786Blast White
65781919-D50CMS6272152White coin typically weak strike
65791919-S50CMS653916Nice mostly white 65 with touch of light golden color
6580192050CMS65+327Great white coin with good stirke and original mint luster CAC
65811920-D50CMS65436The Dakota Collection
65821920-S50CMS65+45Dakota Collection CAC
6583192150CMS65587Nice 65 with Sounder on label
65841921-D50CMS6225201Very White
65851921-S50CMS62121033***** Nice strike for grade. orangish hue obverse w/white reverse
65861923-S50CMS654213Super blast white coin w/excelent strike
65871927-S50CMS657613Bright white secure holder
65881928-S50CMS65547All natural light tone weak strike
65891929-D50CMS66722CAC The Dakota Collection
65901929-S50CMS66442Naturally toned clear strike Nice luster
65911933-S50CMS668916Nice sharp white coin CAC
6592193450CMS6714213Needle sharp strike. Blast white.
65931934-D50CMS6616313Nice White 66
65941934-S50CMS6611914Great white 66
6595193550CMS674361***** nice 67-only 17 and 1 better
65971935-S50CMS661177Nicely struck whire coin CAC
6598193650CMS6713810Pure white 67 CAC
65991936-D50CMS67301Toned 67
66001936-S50CMS6624216Nice white 66
6601193750CMS6713119creamy white luster in OGH CAC
66021937-D50CMS67490Nice Natural White MS67
66031937-S50CMS67322Nice White 67
6604193850CMS67802Pristene blast white 67
66051938-D50CMS6639472Nice white 66 PAN Show
6606193950CMS6727646Bright white full strike
66071939-D50CMS67746Highly lustrous, well-defined w/ a touch of gold and blue on both sides
66081939-S50CMS671578Bright white sharp strike CAC
6609194050CMS6724744Extra sharp bright white 67
66101940-S50CMS6638743Nice white 66 CAC
6611194150CMS6757564Bright white full strike CAC
66121941-D50CMS6719013Nice blast white 67 CAC
66131941-S50CMS6655353Good strike for the date. Super blast white.
6614194250CMS6730718Nice Blast White MS-67 CAC
66151942-D50CMS671528Needle sharp strike and radiant blast white.
66171942-S50CMS6647646White, nice strike CAC
6618194350CMS6743630Fantastic blast white 67.
66191943-D50CMS6730013Great White coin w/a hint of blue tone
66201943-S50CMS6668679Great white 66 with a kiss of blue tone
6621194450CMS678510Great white 67
66221944-D50CMS672417nice white 67
66231944-S50CMS6654460Bright white
6624194550CMS671445Super needle sharp and blast white. CAC
66251945-D50CMS6717410bright white 67
6627194650CMS67533Nice clean 67 CAC
1451521946 Doubled Die Reverse50CMS6560Brilliant White 65 CAC
66281946-D50CMS67641Nice bright white CAC
66291946-S50CMS67553Very Nice Natural 67
6630194750CMS67493Lightly Toned at edges Nice Original MS67