Coins Certified as of 5/25


Long Beach Expo, February, 2016

We carried over the PCGS sample display from the Tampa FUN show so our west coast friends could see the coins. Gayle Kean puts out the coins.

Fun Show Tampa, January, 2016

On display, PCGS Samples! Since 1986 PCGS has been giving out samples of our holders. We were pleased to celebrate our 30 year anniversary with this display.

Long Beach Expo, September, 2015

PCGS Set Registry has two major collections on display at the Collectibles Exhibit area and Chinese Pandas on display at the PCGS Asia booth.

ANA Chicago, August, 2015

For the second year in a row, the ANA was held in Chicago along with the PCGS Awards luncheon.

Fun Show Orlando, January, 2015

Another Fun PCGS Luncheon with Sandy Locker, Rebecca Tran, Gayle Kean and BJ Searls.

ANA Chicago, August, 2014

The PCGS Awards Luncheon and two very different displays were the highlights of the show in Chicago, August 5-9, 2014.

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