Coins Certified as of 11/27

1864 Half Dollar

1864 Half Dollar. Beistle I-A. Ex QS 11/76:922 Half Dollar. [470] Beistle describes two varieties as occurring in proof; both said to have low date, his I-A with 64 closely spaced (and lightly recut), shield point over r. foot of 1, left base of lover r. edge, r. base of 4 over left edge and lower; and his 2-A with 6 4 well apart. I have not seen the latter in proof state, though business strikes from both Philadelphia and San Francisco show this feature; dates are thinner. Is this merely a relapped die, or a lighter impression from the logotype?

1864 Half Dollar

Those with the motto rev. of 1868-69 have a different obv. die (an afterthought?). Date a little above center, slanting slightly down to r., 64 apart; shield point between 18, left base of 1 central, r. base of 4 almost over r. edge. Exceedingly rare. (1) Dr. Judd, "Ill. Hist.": 285. (2) William Guild coll. One of these is ex Parmelee:1337 and/or the Woodside set.

Silver Dollar. [470] Large date, same logotype used on the double eagle. Amazingly for this low mintage, three obverse dies.

- *B-1. Date well to r., shield point far left of 1, r. base of 4 nearly over r. edge of dentil. Rev. of 1863 proofs. Are these the 370 proofs of Feb.-March? "Gilhousen": 1327; 1975 ANA: 1100; Garrett set; others. Obtainable if you are content to wait, to pay more than expected, and to be prepared to receive cleaned coins.

-*B-2. Centered date, shield point over tip of 1, r. base of 4 over left edge of dentil, same reverse. Very rare. QS 11/76: 1144, 1623.

- *B-4. Low date to left, shield point slightly left of center of upright of I, r. base of 4 slightly left of center ofdentil. Rev. Arrowheads well apart. Are these part of the final 100 of July 12? Very rare. "Gilhousen": 1328; 1975 ANA: 1101; 1976 ANA: 703 set. Business strikes (B-3) have high date.

1864 Silver Dollar

Those with the motto rev. of 1867-69 have a still different obv. die; centered date, shield point minutely left of left upright of I, r. base of 4 nearly over r. edge. (1) Dr. Judd, "Ill. Hist.":286. (2) Atwater: 256, Ewalt:45. One ex Parmelee: 1336 and/or the Woodside set. In the Woodside sale (1892) a 3-piece set (quarter, half and dollar with motto) was offered with the remark "Not over 5 sets struck." This is probably correct.

Silver-minor proof sets. Mintages as follows:

Feb. 6                                100
Feb. 13                              30
Feb. 17                              100
March 14                           140
July                                    12
Total                                  470

The above establishes that the 370 minted in February and March must have contained copper-nickel cents, the 100 of July the bronze cent and 2¢, though naturally individual minor coins may have been struck in late April 1864 as earlier mentioned. Most existing sets have been assembled. Garrett:300 was a set from the Feb. or March emission, the 2¢ added, the half dime and dime uncirculated! That in 1976 ANA: 703 included all three cents and small motto 2¢ and brought $15,000. This date has been prized because all types of cents are rarer than previous years, the 2¢ rarer than later years, the smaller silver long believed proof-only and thus subject to date collector pressure.

Gold Dollar. [50] *B-1. Date minutely larger than on 1860-63. Obv. of 1863 proofs, polish below ear. Rev. Heavy centered date, 64 touch, 6 wholly below L. About as rare as 1863; no restrikes reported. (1) Mint, SI. (2) Brock, Morgan, ANS. (3) Norweb. (4) Dunham:1839, Phila. Estate. (5) Garrett: 415, $2800. (6,7) "Memorable" :20, 859, one probably ex Newcomer, Boyd, WGC. (8) Breen 1:35, minute nicks. (9) "Gilhousen" :55, slightly impaired, called "EF." Cf. also Lohr:978; 1962 N.Y. Metropolitan: 2647; Wolfson: 52; Jay:238; Mocatta Metals coil. Business strikes (B-2) have low date, thinner numerals, 6 4 apart.


Quarter Eagle. [50] Rather heavy date, high, to left, slanting down; chipped serif to 1; left base of 1 over left edge, r. base of 4 over r. edge. Rev. Lighter letters; this new working die apparently continued for some years. As rare as the 1863 but in less demand as a few circulated business strikes survive. (1) Mint, S1. (2) Brock, Morgan, ANS. (3) Eliasberg. (4) Boyd, WGC: 132, "Memorable": 123. (5) Atwater: 1968, Neil: 2441. (6) Davis-Graves: 715. (7) "Memorable":871. (8) Gaskill, NN 48:307. (9) NN 48:912, Kagin. (10) Garrett:414, $8000. Cf. also Wolfson: 191; Grant Pierce:1181; Bell 11:184; Miles:193; Ullmer:414 and 370 ($11,000), mostly believed reappearances of some of the above.