John W. Adams generously offered the use of books from his library. Charles Adkins provided information concerning rarity levels of Morgan dollars. Tony Adkins submitted a 1903-S "Micro s" dollar for examination. David W. Akers sent information concerning a particularly well-struck specimen of an 1857 silver dollar. Dean H. Albert shared memories of the Treasury release of silver dollars in the early 1960s. Robert H. Allen corresponded about trade dollar varieties. The American Numismatic Association lent numerous publications from its library (ANA Resource Center). The American Numismatic Society provided much information and also made arrangements for Margaret Gray to study library materials, including auction catalogues. The American Philosophical Society furnished an illustration and also information concerning Franklin Peale. Bruce Amspacher provided information concerning rarity levels of Liberty Seated dollars, Morgan dollars, trade dollars, prooflike coins, and other data, and also copy-read much of the manuscript and made many valuable suggestions. The ANACS grading service provided information concerning certain issues. Wayne Anderson gave the author a book on Richard P. Bland (of Bland-Allison Act fame). Victor Annaloro corresponded concerning Gobrecht dollars. Donald Apte provided information about an 1884 trade dollar he handled. James R. Arnold corresponded about a variety of 1877-S trade dollar.

Charles Barasch furnished information about 1884 and 1885 trade dollars he handled. Dr. George C. Barber provided information concerning a Gobrecht dollar. Andrew Barnet sent information about his prized 1898 Proof dollar. Ruth Bauer reminisced concerning her experiences as a dealer in silver dollars, including during the release of the Treasury hoard in the early 1960s. Pete R. Bishal reviewed the Morgan dollar manuscript and made many valuable suggestions, especially concerning historical information. His knowledge concerning 1878 Morgan dollars is second to none, and his review of the author's theories, especially with regard to the "over tail feathers" coins, is appreciated. Leonard R. Bolzan corresponded about a trade dollar variety. Harry X Boosel sent information concerning the 1873-S Liberty Seated silver dollar and his activities with the Cash Room in Washington in the 1930s. Remy Bourne sent the author many nineteenth-century newspapers, line engravings, and other ephemera for historical research and for consideration as illustrations. A'Delbert Bowen, M.D., furnished descriptions of trade dollars in his collection. Wynn Bowers read sections of the manuscript and also did research in the Boston Public Library. Walter H. Breen provided detailed data concerning die varieties and also granted permission to use information in his Encyclopedias, one on Proof coins and the other on colonial and other U.S. coins. In addition, he reviewed much of the manuscript and made many valuable suggestions. Kenneth E. Bressett, editor of A Guide Book of U.S. Coins, read parts of the manuscript and made many valuable suggestions, including commentary on Chapter 6 (the 1801-2-3-4 novodels). In addition, he wrote the foreword. J. Alan Bricker corresponded about rarity scales. Rodger W. Bridwell shared recollections of the silver dollar market of the early 1960s. Larry Briggs read the manuscript sections for Gobrecht dollars, Liberty Seated dollars, and trade dollars and made several valuable suggestions. Dan Brown provided historical information. Colin R. Bruce III, of Krause Publications, furnished several illustrations. Roger W. Burdette corresponded concerning 1795 dollars with silver plugs. Ray Burns provided a rare silver dollar for examination.

Francis Campbell, American Numismatic Society librarian, helped with Mint reports and other data and made arrangements for Margaret Gray to be "in residence" studying auction catalogues on my behalf. Carl W.A. Carlson reviewed the pedigree chains for certain rarities and added valuable information; 1884 trade dollars were a special interest. A large debt of gratitude is owed to the late Neil Carothers, whom I never met, for his book, Fractional Currency, is not only quoted at length in the present work, but reading it prompted me to search for and read numerous nineteenth-century texts on money and economics. Douglas Cass was interviewed about his experiences in buying trade dollars in the Orient in the 1980s, and provided additional information on the series. E. and C. Cavin sent data on an 1836 Gobrecht dollar. Armand Champa provided access to certain publications in his library of numismatic books, George Chesek corresponded about Liberty Seated dollars. Lynn Chen, American Numismatic Association librarian, responded to numerous inquiries concerning the borrowing of catalogues, Mint reports, and books, William Christensen provided information concerning the collection of John Willem and granted permission for use of data in his September 5, 1980 sale. Elvira Clain-Stefanelli, curator of the National Numismatic Collection, Division of Numismatics, American Museum of History, Smithsonian Institution, furnished certain artwork pertaining to the development of the Liberty Seated motif and helped in other ways. Robert Cohen shared his ideas and observations concerning 1964-dated Peace silver dollars. Jack Collins furnished advice in several areas, copy-read part of the manuscript, and sent information concerning his specialty, 1794 silver dollars. Larry Comer sent information about trade dollars in his collection. Robert H. Cornell contributed information about trade dollars. William H. Cowburn, Jr. corresponded concerning trade dollars. Joe Coyne provided information for this manuscript. Alan D. Craig corresponded concerning 1859-O and 1860-O dollars. William Creech, National Archives, assisted with research.