Coins Certified as of 2/12

2. The Farouk Specimen. Proof-62

• Mint official, possibly Col. A. Loudon Snowden
• William Idler
• Capt. John W. Haseltine and Stephen R. Nagy
• Private collection(s)
• King Farouk of Egypt
• Palace Collections of Egypt (name on sale catalogue), Sotheby's; Cairo, Egypt, February 1954, Lot 1680, $1,665. Catalogued by A.H. Baldwin & Sons, Ltd., London: "Proof. Extremely Fine, extremely rare.l' (£550 Egyptian, phis 5% surcharge = $1,665).
• Ambassador and Mrs. R. Henry Norweb
• Norweb Collection, Bowers and Merena, March 1988, Lot 1848, $121,000. "Proof-60 to 63. An attractive, sharply struck example with nearly all details sharply defined. The fully lustrous devices complement the reflective fields. The obverse is brilliant with splashes of amber and gray toning. The reverse has a suggestion of golden brown around the letters and the central device. This example would deserve the Proof-65 classification if it were not for the presence of light hairlines. "
• American Coin Portfolios (Dan Drykerman, California professional numismatist, who also bought the Norweb 1884 trade dollar). Sold to the following.
• Private New York collection
• Bowers and Merena Galleries, Inc. by private treaty, March 20, 1992 .
• Private New England Collection, private treaty, March 23, 1992. Weight: 418.8 grains. Above average strike, but with some lightness of striking on stars 5 and 6.

3. Adams Specimen. Proof-63

• Mint official, possibly Col. A. Loudon Snowden
• William Idler
• Capt. John W. Haseltine and Stephen K. Nagy
• Private collection
•Edgar H. Adams. Edgar H. Adams, a writer for the New York Sun and, at one time, editor of The Numismatist, was America's most prolific numismatic scholar during the first 15 years of the twentieth century. For the American Numismatic Society, New York, he produced what would become the standard reference works on territorial and private gold coins and, with William H. Woodin, on pattern coins, Adams, who lived in Brooklyn, was also a coin dealer and handled many items.
• Virgil M. Brand. Acquired for $750 from Adams on April 26, 1911. Brand was a wealthy Chicago collector who began his interest in numismatics in 1879, started keeping ledgers in 1889; by whose death in 1926 had acquired over 350,000 numismatic specimens. His estate was divided between his brothers, Horace and Armin, and was nurnismatically administered by Burdette G. Johnson and Henry Chapman.
• Brand Estate. (See additional information in general discussion above.)
• Ruth Green. Advertised in The Numismatist, December 1941, p. 976. "Brilliant Proof. Offered only ONETIME at auction, Mehl's sale of Granberg Collection, 1913, and sold for $1,140. ONLY FIVE COINED. A great rarity. Price $850.00." Charles E. Green, a Chicago rare coin dealer for many years, conducted business under his wife Ruth's name, as R. Green. (Either Charles E. Green confused this specimen with No.1, described above, or he was referring to 1885 trade dollars in general.)
• Clint Hester
• Adolphe Menjou Collection, Numismatic Gallery, June 1950, Lot 2041, $1,350. Menjou was a leading movie star in the 1940s. Numismatic Gallery, founded in 1943, was owned by Abe Kosoff and Abner Kreisberg. The firm was dissolved in 1954. The coin was probably owned by Clint Hester, not Menjou. A number of Hester's coins were in the Menjou sale.
• Benjamin Stack, Imperial Coin Company (48 West 48th Street, New York City; later moved to Las Vegas). Advertised in The Numismatic Scrapbook Magazine, March 1955, p.384, with an 1884, for $6,500 the pair, as follows: "Special Offering, subject to prior sale. BRILLIANT PROOF Trade Dollars. 1884 (10 Coins struck), 1885 (15 Coins struck). Note: The 1885 offered above is the only available specimen. The other FOUR specimens are in private collections of such magnitude that it is doubtedif they will ever be offered for sale again. SOLD AS A PAIR: $6,500.00."
• W.G. Baldenhofer, Farish Baldenhofer Collection (Stack's, November 1955), Lot 1040, $4,000. "This coin is a splendid brilliant Proof, slightly toned."
• Private collection
• Julian Leidman, Mike Brownlee, and Hugh Sconyers in partnership, Sold almost immediately afterward at the 1974 ANA Convention with an 1884 for $180,000, to the following.
• James Halperin of New England Rare Coin Galleries, Inc., Boston (who is said to have refused Herbert Melnick's offer of $250,000 for it in the presence of Walter H. Breen at the 1974 ANA Convention’s later offered for $300,000; then price dropped to $165,000; see reprint of brochure under Additional Information below). Eventual selling price said to have been $115,000. Later, in the 1980s, Jim Halperin moved to Dallas, Texas and became a partner with Steve Ivy in Heritage Galleries. Sold to the following.
• Forecaster newsletter (John Kamin-owner and publisher). John Kamin, a consulting economist, publishes The Forecaster newsletter with financial advice and from time to time has recommended various areas of the rare coin market. Sold to the following.
• Private collection (as of 1992).

Archibald loudeon Snowden