Cert Verification

When you see a listing of a PCGS coin for sale, you can verify the grade and authenticity of the coin by simply entering the certification number below. The unique certification number is sonically sealed inside each coin capsule. With the PCGS certification number, you can verify the authenticity and quality of the certified coins you see for sale online as coins evaluated by PCGS experts. After you receive the coin, it should have the same PCGS certification number, grade, and description.

Important Note: Verification of certification numbers on the PCGS Certification Database does not eliminate the risk of buying counterfeit and/or altered coins, because persons who manufacture such coins may also counterfeit PCGS grading inserts using actual certification numbers derived from public sources. Always verify the legitimacy of any transaction before proceeding.

Just enter the certification number below to verify any PCGS-graded coin
(the date, mintmark, denomination, variety, and grade are displayed):


PCGS Cert Sample Image

Note: The Cert Number is the 7 or 8 digit number following the / on a standard PCGS holder.

NEW PCGS Barcode Layout

Linking to PCGS Certificate Verification

When you are listing a PCGS graded coin for sale, you can link directly to the PCGS online certificate verification service. Click here for instructions.