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The PCGS Million Dollar Coin Club Experts

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Meet the Experts

Million Dollar Coin Compiling the PCGS Million Dollar Coin Club coin listings and prices was (is) a job for world-class coin experts who have specific expertise and experience with these ultra rarities. Five of the world’s top rare coin experts participated in the “formation” of the PCGS Million Dollar Coin Club.

For pricing of these ultra rarities we asked four specialists in top-quality United States coins and United States ultra rarities to give us their opinions of which coins would currently sell for one million dollars or more at auction and also their estimates of the price each coin would bring. We then averaged the price estimates and those averages are the prices you currently see here, on the PCGS CoinFacts website (pcgscoinfacts.com), and in the online PCGS Price Guide. Our experts had some disagreement on some of the prices, but their estimates, given without consulting one another, were for the most part very close to one another.

The PCGS Million Dollar Coin Club pricing consultants are:

David Hall David Hall has 40 years of experience in buying and selling the highest-quality United States rare coins, including ultra rarities. He is also the founder of the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and in 1999 was named as one of CoinAge magazine’s “Numismatists of the Century.”

Kevin Lipton Kevin Lipton is one of the greatest coin traders of all time. In his 35-year career, he has handled nearly every United States coin and he has handled many of the Million Dollar Coin Club coins multiple times.

Greg Rohan Greg Rohan is President and one of the co-owners of Heritage Auctions, the world’s largest rare coin firm. The auction division of Heritage has sold many of the Million Dollar Coin Club coins. As PCGS founder David Hall said, “Greg Rohan is probably better qualified than anyone in the world to answer the all-important question, what would this million dollar coin sell for at auction?”

Jim Halperin Jim Halperin is one of the founders and co-owners of Heritage Auctions. He is one of the most influential dealers of the past three decades and one of the greatest rare coin experts of all time.

Laura Sperber Laura Sperber is Co-President of Legend Numismatics. Laura’s firm, under her guidance, has built some of the finest collections now in existence and she has handled many of the Million Dollar Coin Club coins, several of them multiple times.

There are two-world class experts who have put together the story of the Million Dollar Coin Club coins. These two experts are responsible for all the descriptions, rarity analysis, condition census and pedigrees, and images you see here and on the PCGS CoinFacts website:

Ron Guth Ron Guth is a leading coin expert who has worked as a dealer, auctioneer and cataloguer for four decades. He is also a prolific numismatic author whose books, including The 100 Greatest U.S. Coins and Coin Collecting for Dummies, have won “book of the year” awards from both the Professional Numismatists Guild and the Numismatic Literary Guild. Ron is the founder and inventor of CoinFacts (now PCGS CoinFacts) and is the continuing source of much of the great numismatic content on the PCGS CoinFacts website.

David Hall David Hall, besides being a foremost coin expert with 40 years of experience, is also a long-time numismatic writer. He is currently one of the big content contributors to the PCGS CoinFacts website.


David Akers/Bob Harwell
1907 Indian Head $20 Saint-Gaudens gold pattern

American Numismatic Rarities
1866 No Motto silver dollar - Judd 540

Bowers and Merena Auctions
1870-S $3 gold piece

Heritage Auction Galleries
1873-CC No Arrows dime
1796 No Stars $2.5 gold piece
1861 Paquet Reverse $20 gold piece
1854 Kellogg & Co. $20 gold piece

National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution
1822 $5 gold piece
1829 Small Size $5 gold piece Proof
1854-S $5 gold piece
1839 $10 gold piece Proof
1849 $20 gold piece
1927-D $20 gold piece
1877 $50 gold pattern - Judd 1546
1877 $50 gold pattern - Judd 1548
1906 $20 gold pattern - Judd 1773
1933 $20 Saint-Gaudens

PCGS TrueView
1943-D bronze cent
1894-S Barber dime
1796 quarter dollar
1794 silver dollar
1804 silver dollar
1795 13 Leaves $10 gold piece
1874 Bickford $10 gold pattern – Judd 1373
1856-O $20 gold piece Branch Mint Proof
1907 Extremely High Relief $20 gold piece
1787 Brasher doubloon - Punch on Breast
1851 Humbert $50 Reeded Edge .887 Proof

Superior Galleries
1913 Liberty nickel