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PCGS to Expand Collector Education Program for June Long Beach

In February, PCGS inaugurated its Collector Education Program at the Long Beach Coin and Stamp Exposition by offering its first grading course. Attended by a full house of 30 collectors, the course received excellent reviews from those who enrolled. Among the comments received were:

"Best part of the class was the grading test evaluation and explanation of what the coins graded, and why. Good job - excellent presentation. I learned a lot."

"When folks on the forum post a coin picture - the spread of grades offered from all the forum 'experts' demonstrates every time why they need this and other courses. Thanks for giving back to the coin collectors."

"I took the grading course at the ANA Summer 2011 show. This course was 10X better!"

Contact PCGS Customer Service or call 800-447-8848 to reserve your spot today!

For the upcoming June show, PCGS plans to expand the Collector Education Program by adding a second grading course that builds on the material presented in Grading 101. Ron Guth, a professional numismatist and dealer for over forty years, will teach the course.

Grading 102 will cover such areas as:

  • Qualifiers – color on copper coins, strike on nickel and silver coins (Full Head, Full Bands etc.) and surface on silver and gold coins (DCAM, DMPL, etc.)
  • Grading Proof Coins
  • Grading Ultra High Grade Moderns (MS/PR 69s & 70s)
  • Difficult to grade coins such as $2.50 and $5.00 Indians and pre 1809 coins.

In addition, PCGS will also again offer Grading 101, which covers the grading of Mint State and Circulated U.S. coins. This course will be presented by Michael Sherman, director of the PCGS Collector Education Program.

Both courses will be offered at 10:00 am on Saturday, June 8 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Attendance for both courses will be limited to thirty people, and interested collectors are urged to contact PCGS Customer Service as soon as possible to reserve a space. Attendees of Grading 101 from last February will be offered priority placement for Grading 102, but if you wish to attend, it would be a good idea to let us know soon. Contact PCGS Customer Service at 800-447-8848 to reserve your space today.

A lunch will be served at noon, and will offer attendees the opportunity to talk with PCGS founder David Hall.

The cost of each course will be $199.00, and Gold, Platinum and Diamond Collector's Club members will be offered a discount of $50.00, for a total cost of $149.00 per course.

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