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PCGS Collector Education Program Update

There's an old saying that "knowledge is power." This is especially true in the collectibles hobby. Time after time, it's been demonstrated that those collectors and investors who take the time and effort to learn about their field of interest prosper the most – both in their enjoyment of the pursuit as well as financially.

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Earlier this month, PCGS conducted its second offering of its Collector Education Program series with a presentation of both Grading 101 and Grading 102 in conjunction with the Long Beach Coin and Stamp Exposition. Limited to thirty attendees, both courses were filled to capacity with collectors anxious to gain some insight into how PCGS approaches coin grading.

Grading 102 was offered for the first time, and covered topics such as qualifiers (color on copper coins, full bands, full head and full steps), grading proof coins, grading ultra-modern coins and difficult-to-grade issues.

For the next Long Beach show, PCGS will again expand its offerings with Grading 103. This course could perhaps be better referred to as "No Grading 103," as we'll discuss the various reasons a coin could end up in a "genuine" holder without a grade or not even be placed in a holder at all. These include things such as filed rims, peeling laminations, questionable color, cleaning, holed and plugged, planchet flaws, altered surfaces, environmental or PVC damage, scratches or questionable authenticity.

On Saturday, September 28 at 10:00 am in the Long Beach Convention Center, PCGS will be offering both Grading 102 and Grading 103. Registration will begin September 1, and will be limited to thirty individuals for each class. The cost will be $149 for Gold, Platinum and Diamond Collectors Club members and $199 for all others. Lunch will be served as well as a Q&A session with PCGS founder David Hall.

Mike Sherman

PCGS Director of Education

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