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Commemorative Coins without Limitations

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Every year the U.S. Mint produces commemorative coins to celebrate and honor American individuals, places, events and institutions. We see depictions of many historical figures and entities in American commemorative coins that are related to architecture, politics, war, mystics, animals, sports and many others subjects. But if you had to choose a commemorative theme or design without any limitations, which one would you choose?

What about famous individuals or companies who have made significant contributions to America? For example, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford or what about the Ford logo itself, as the company reinvented the way in which Americans live? What about Alexander Graham Bell who invented the first practical telephone? What about the internet or how about in more recent times, Steve Jobs, the inventor of the iPhone? And the list can go on and on... I'm certain that the Mint would never run out of ideas if they decided to go outside their current theme design boundaries. But it would definitely be very exciting if the Mint decided to someday issue commemorative coins without any limitations. So, don't be surprised if in the near future, you see a commemorative coin featuring the iPhone or maybe even an iPad.

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