Coins Certified as of 11/29

Don't Let Error Coins Intimidate You

Every year the U.S. Mint strikes billions of coins for circulation. And once in a big while, the Mint inadvertently lets a few Mint Error coins escape.

Error coins are one of the most exciting parts of the market as they attract many new collectors every year. Many new collectors discover coin collecting thinking they hit the jackpot by finding a rare mint error coin in circulation. One example is the 1943 Copper cent. Many individuals who don't collect coins have heard about this Penny from 1943 and that it's very valuable. Other non-coin collectors are also familiar with the 1913 Liberty Nickels and how they are worth millions of dollars each. And because of stories like this, they discover the fascinating world of numismatics.

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Every single error coin is different and many times it is very difficult to determine values for them. However, don't let this intimidate you. Some major error coins are very affordable and can cost under $10 while others can cost over a million dollars. So, there's room for everyone.

Here's an example of an obvious off center struck Lincoln cent without showing a date or most of the design. These types of errors are very common especially without having a date and are only worth about $10. But yet are still very interesting.

Here is a Lincoln Cent error that was bonded together with 15 different pieces during the striking process.

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