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PCGS Announces Significant Upgrade to Information Archive

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The Professional Coin Grading Service is pleased to announce that work has been concluded on a complete re-indexing of its massive Information Archive on its website.

Over 2,500 articles, spanning a time period of over 20 years have been properly categorized, and are now available for lookup under the "Resources" tab at the top of the PCGS Home Page. Contained in the PCGS Library, the menu will now be found under "Information Articles" link.

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Work on this project was directed by Michael Sherman, Director of Collector Education for PCGS. Sherman noted "a great deal of history is contained in the archive. In particular, collectors of State Quarters and Sacagawea dollars will be interested in the early news of these coins, reported "live" as it happened."

"There are loads of great articles by such luminaries as Q. David Bowers, Scott Travers, Ed Reiter, Richard Giedroyc, Bruce Amspacher, David Hall, James Halperin, Alan Herbert and Armen Vartian. More recently, writers such as Jaime Hernandez, Ron Guth, B.J. Searls and Don Willis have made significant contributions to the archive."

Readers are directed to the "Historical" tab, which contains some fascinating stories, even though a few may only be peripherally related to numismatics. For the less experienced collector, the "Basics" and "Buying and Selling Tips" sections are filled with some great information, written by some very knowledgeable and experienced people. The "Dealers" tab contains loads of stories about the coin market over the past few decades, and the people who helped shaped it.

Take a moment to check out the new Information Archive, and let us know what you think. Plus, if you think an article should be listed in another category where it currently is not, please drop us a note and we’ll see that it gets listed there.

We hope you enjoy this new resource, and that it helps you in your collecting goals.

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