Coins Certified as of 11/25

PCGS Photograde China Due for Major Expansion

PCGS has recently completed a major expansion to its Photograde China site and app, and plans are to deploy it within the next month. Photograde China currently illustrates five dollar sized coins from the Republic era, and four modern Panda coins - two silver and two gold.

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Newly added coins include the popular Auto Dollar of 1928, the 10 Cash coin featuring the crossed flags, the 20 Cash Dragon coin, the 10 cent coin of Yuan Shih-kai, the 20 cent coin of Sun Yat-sen and two additional Panda coins including the original 1982 Panda Medal and the 1983 Silver Proof 10 Yuan coin.

The Republic minor coins are shown in an average of about15 grades each, ranging from about VF through MS-65 or MS-66. The Panda coins are shown only in Mint State or Proof 62 and above, and oddly, the Auto Dollar is shown only in circulated condition as Mint State pieces are virtually unknown.

PCGS President Don Willis noted that "China is an exciting new area for us, and that interest in both certified coins and the PCGS brand is quite high there."

Keep an eye on our site and the Apple App and Android stores during October for the release of Photograde China 1.2!
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