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PCGS Revamping Frequently Asked Questions Section of PCGS.com

Do you have a PCGS related question? Is it possibly a common question? Maybe even a “frequently asked question?”

If so, you’re in luck! We are currently in the process of completely revamping and updating our entire FAQ section. Updates to the FAQ’s will include questions regarding changes in services and will also address questions regarding new services and offerings that PCGS launched earlier this year. As we add, remove or change services and offerings we will update the FAQ page accordingly.

Below are a few examples of the new information that will soon be available on the FAQ section of the PCGS.com website.

FAQ’s relating to new services and offerings:


  • What is reconsideration?
    • The reconsideration submission will allow you submit previously graded PCGS coins and have them reviewed in their current holder! Any coin currently inside a PCGS holder is eligible for PCGS Reconsideration, including any color label, any year, and any type of coin.
  • How does it work?
    • PCGS will review coins submitted under Reconsideration in their original PCGS holder. PCGS will only remove the coin from the original PCGS holder if the coin upgrades one full numerical point or more. Please see examples outlined below:
      • If a coin is currently in an MS64 holder and PCGS feels the coin qualifies for an MS65 the coin would be removed from the PCGS holder and placed into a new PCGS holder with the new higher grade.
      • If a coin is currently in an MS64 holder and PCGS feels the coin qualifies for an MS64+ the coin would remain in the original PCGS holder. The grade would stay the same, no change would be made.
      • If a coin is currently in an MS64+ holder and PCGS feels the coin qualifies for an MS65 the coin would be removed from the PCGS holder and placed into a new PCGS holder with the new higher grade.
  • Can I stipulate that I will accept a ‘Plus’ upgrade if this is the minimum upgrade determined by PCGS? What about designation changes (for example from Cameo to Deep Cameo)?
    • At this time, there are no programs in place to accept these changes. However, based on your requests we will look into making these changes in the future.
  • What is the cost involved?
    • Reconsideration orders will be processed under the service level they qualify for based on the declared value. For coins that upgrade one full numerical point and are placed into a new PCGS holder an additional 1% guarantee premium fee will be added.
    • The PCGS 1% Guarantee Premium is based off the final grade of the coin according to the PCGS Price Guide. If there is no PCGS Price Guide value, the 1% is based off the Declared Value of the coin as stipulated on the submission form. Note, however, that PCGS reserves final discretion on the value of the coin. This may result in the fees you have calculated on the submission form being adjusted to best reflect the value of the coins submitted. For this reason, it is best to pay by credit card in the event that your fees are adjusted.
  • Where can I find more information on the Reconsideration service?


  • What is restoration?
    • PCGS Restoration is designed to help you overcome environmental problems that may have occurred with your coins. Preserving originality and the natural condition of every coin is the number one objective of PCGS Restoration.
  • How does it work?
    • All coins submitted will be evaluated by experts before any restoration is attempted. Coins will not qualify for restoration if in the opinion of these experts the coin should not be restored, or if any attempt at restoring the coin could possibly worsen its condition.
  • What is the cost involved?
    • Coins that are evaluated but rejected for Restoration will be charged $25.
    • Coins that are restored will be charged 4% of the value of the coin in its final grade (or a minimum fee of $25). This value will be determined using the PCGS Price Guide or Declared Value.
    • Restored coins will automatically be graded by PCGS and will be charged the appropriate grading fee associated with the service level for that coin.
    • Shipping and handling charges are the same as what is normally used by PCGS.
  • How do I find more information about the Restoration service?

GSA Holdered Coins:

  • What happens if I submit a coin to PCGS that is currently in a GSA holder?
    • PCGS has created a special oversized holder so the unique GSA Hoard Silver dollar coins can be PCGS-certified and still be encapsulated in the original GSA holder. Customers can now choose how they would like their GSA Hoard coins encapsulated.
    • Submit GSA Carson City Silver Dollars in the original GSA case and PCGS will grade and encapsulate the coin (and case) in our special oversized holder. GSA coins placed into a PCGS oversized holder will be charged an additional $20 per coin.
    • If you do not wish to have your GSA Hoard coins in our special oversized holder, please notate "PCGS Standard GSA Hoard label" on your submission form. You will not be charged an additional $20 per coin for the oversized holder. If you select this option, the coin will be encapsulated in the standard size PCGS holder. The label will state “GSA Hoard”.
  • How do I find more information regarding the new PCGS GSA holders?

Updates to previous FAQ’s:

  • How much does it cost to have coins graded by PCGS?
    • The fees associated with submitting to PCGS for authentication and grading will vary based on the type of coins, declared value per coin, and the estimated turnaround time. Visit our Services and Fees page for complete pricing: (http://www.pcgs.com/servicesandfees/)
    • Fees listed are on a per coin basis.
    • In addition to grading fees, each submission form will incur shipping and handling charges.
    • Depending on the specific coin(s) submitted additional services and/or fees may apply. Additional services and fees include but are not limited to: variety attribution, True-View imaging, oversized holders and First Strike designation.
  • Can I send my submission the same day I sign up for the Collectors Club?
    • If you purchased a Gold, Platinum or Diamond Collectors Club Membership and would like to submit using your complimentary voucher you will need to wait for the arrival of your Collectors Club Membership Kit in the mail.
    • Most other submission types can be completed by using our Online Submission Center prior to receiving your Collectors Club Membership Kit (https://www.pcgs.com/onlinesubmission/)
    • New Collectors Club Members are always encouraged to wait for the arrival of the Collectors Club Membership Kit as this kit contains important account related information and submission related materials

If you have any questions that are not covered in the FAQ, or would like to contact a PCGS Customer Service representative you can do so by emailing [email protected] or calling 1-800-447-8848 Monday through Friday between 7:00AM and 5:00PM PST.

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