Coins Certified as of 12/1

Q.I have a penny dated 1844. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated?

Q.I have a penny dated 1844. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated?

A. Your coin is a "Braided Hair Large Cent", which was just an everyday penny back in 1844. If it is circulated, it is probably worth between $7 and $80.

Q. Recently, I was examining my old coin collection and chanced across a 1927-D $20! What do you suggest when someone finds a coin that is extremely valuable?

A. I would urge you to have your coin authenticated and graded by one of the major independent grading services. This will verify the coin's authenticity, afford protection in the form of a durable, sealed plastic holder and provide you with an expert opinion as to the grade/quality of your coin.

Q. Could you please estimate the value of a 1924-S penny?

A. If your coin is circulated, it is worth between 25c and $10. If it is in mint condition, it could be worth $100 or more.

Q. Is it possible to order the new $5 gold pieces and the state commemorative quarters directly from the mint?

A. I believe you can order the $5 gold pieces directly from the mint, but not the quarters.

Q. How much is a 4 legged Buffalo Nickel worth?

A. Most of them are worth considerably less than a three-legged one! Q. Could you tell me the value of a 1902 penny and a 1953 quarter?

A. Your Indian Cent is worth between 50c and $5, if circulated. Your quarter is worth approximately $1.25.

Q. Could you tell me the value of a 1936 quarter and a 1941 nickel? Also, if I had a valuable coin, what steps should I take to sell it?

A. Your 1936 25c is worth about $2, if circulated. Your 5c is worth about 10c. If you have what you believe to be a valuable coin, I would recommend that you get it authenticated and graded by a major third-party grading service.

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Mark Feld has a long history in the numismatic arena. Since 1979 he has worked in all aspects of the industry, including marketing, sales and cataloguing for a major auction company. He worked for seven years as a grader and authenticator for NGC. Mark is now working as numismatist for Pinnacle Rarities in their Houston office.
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