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The Who , What, When, Where and Why of PCGS Authentication & Grading?

  • Who can submit coins to PCGS for authentication and grading?
    • You! You can join our collector's club membership if you would like to submit coins directly to PCGS for authentication and grading. As long as you are a current Collectors Club member you can submit as many coins to PCGS as you wish. If you join our Gold, Platinum or Diamond memberships you will get free grading as well!
    • You can also submit coins through a PCGS Authorized Dealer in your area. PCGS Authorized Dealers are a great resource for pre-screening coins that you would like to submit for authentication and grading, they can also submit your coins to PCGS on your behalf. PCGS Authorized Dealers are located throughout the world and may be close than you think!
  • What does PCGS do for you and your coins?
    • Everything! Well maybe not everything, but pretty close. PCGS is the world's largest and most respected third party grading and authentication service. When you buy PCGS graded coins you know what you are getting, and when you submit to PCGS you know our standards and reputation. In addition to authentication and grading, PCGS offers the following additional services:
    • Restoration: In the beginning of 2013 PCGS launched our restoration service. PCGS Restoration is designed to help you overcome environmental problems that may have occurred with your coins. Preserving originality and the natural condition of every coin is the number one objective of PCGS Restoration.
    • Variety Attribution: You can also have your coins attributed select varieties. Are you looking for a VAM, FS or Snow number attribution? If so you can add the Variety Attribution service to any service level.
    • TrueView: PCGS also offers high quality, high resolution images captured by our Numismatic Photographers. TrueView can be added to any service level. Images will be emailed to you and will also show on our online certification verification.
    • Bulk: Bulk Submissions are a great way for Dealers and Collectors Club members to submit a high volume of coins for a discounted fee!
  • When should I submit to PCGS?
    • Right now! Or whenever you would like. If you are a current Collectors Club member you can submit whenever you wish! Upon joining the Collectors Club you will receive a membership kit in the mail. This kit will include all of the necessary information to submit to PCGS including submission forms and step-by-step instructions. Don't want to wait? You can also start right away by checking out our online submission center, a PDF and step-by-step version of our submission form is available online 24 hours a day! No need to wait for a membership kit in the mail!
  • Where can I submit to PCGS?
    • There are three ways to get your coins to PCGS for authentication and grading:
    • Submit in person at a coin show that PCGS is attending. You can submit coins for on-site grading and have most coins returned to you at the show! You can also submit all service levels at the shows that PCGS attends, we will securely transport your orders back to our office for processing. Limitations apply, see a PCGS representative at the booth for more information.
    • Submit through the mail; PCGS accepts FedEx and USPS (FedEx special instructions apply, learn more at www.pcgs.com/packageandmailcoins.html)
    • Submit through a PCGS Authorized Dealer in your area
  • Why submit to PCGS?
    • That's easy! PCGS coins often fetch a higher premium on the market. PCGS standards are known and PCGS is considered the Standard for the Rare Coin Industry.
  • Customer Service tip: What do you think is one of the more commonly forgotten pieces of information when filling out a submission form? The credit card expiration date! It is only a few numbers but it is very important if paying with a credit card.
  • Do you have a question? Are you not sure how to submit a specific coin? When in doubt, call our Customer Service department! PCGS Customer Service Representatives are available via email and phone Monday through Friday 7:00AM to 5:00PM PST at [email protected] or 1-800-447-8848
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