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Tips on Using PCGS CoinFacts #5

PCGS CoinFacts contains a vast amount of information about United States coins: 4,712 narratives, 32,031 coin listings (this includes all coins and their related designations such as Brown, Red-Brown, Cameo, Prooflike, etc.), 100,079 images, 256,366 current U.S. Coin prices, 2,698,429 auction prices realized, and 23,791,122 historic U.S. Coin Prices. On top of that we have PCGS Population Report data on all U.S. coins, technical data, Condition Census rankings and much more.

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Learning to navigate your way through this immense amount of data is critical to take full advantage of the site. We've made it easy by including what are known as "bread-crumbs" to guide your way (if you know the story of Hansel and Gretel you know the significance of bread-crumbs). Here's how a typical bread-crumb might appear:

Home>Half Dollars>Capped Bust Half Dollar>Type 1, Lettered Edge>1819/8 50C Large 9

The ">" symbol separates the different levels of information, and the direction of the symbol indicates whether you are going from general to more specific levels (left to right) or vice versa (right to left). The underlining indicates that each level is a hyperlink that will take you to that particular page. The Home page is a safe harbor – if you find yourself lost, you can always return there and start over. In this case, if you want information about ALL Half Dollars, click on the Half Dollars link. If you're only interested in 1819 Half Dollars, click on the Type 1, Lettered Edge link, then click on one of the links on that page to any of the 1819 varieties. Once you get to the date page, there is even one more level that does not show up in the breadcrumbs, and that is the Die Varieties page. You get there by clicking on the Show All Related Coins and Varieties link farther down in the page.

Are you starting to feel the power?

Every single page on PCGS CoinFacts contains its own unique set of breadcrumbs. This allows you to jump around to your heart's content and to learn about all of your favorite coins. If you're a beginning collector, play around in the upper levels; if you're an advanced collector, drill down as deep as you can go.

No matter where you travel on the PCGS CoinFacts website, your path is up to you. Just follow the breadcrumbs!

Ron Guth is President of PCGS CoinFacts. He has been active as a coin collector, dealer, writer and auctioneer since his introduction to numismatics in 1964.
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