Coins Certified as of 11/28

Why do you collect coins

Why do you collect coins? Is it because of beauty, design, rarity, or do you simply need it to fill a hole in your set? Do you ever buy coins that you know very little about? Are you a compulsive buyer or do you have the discipline to thoroughly evaluate each coin and only buy if it fits into your predetermined collecting plans? There probably are as many reasons to buy as there are people collecting coins. I know I have bought coins just because I thought they were neat and I was curious. I remember a few years ago sitting in an auction waiting for the coins I was planning to buy to come up for sale. Meanwhile a large group of medals was being sold. As I looked at each medal crossing the block I decided they were very interesting, esoteric but inexpensive, and I decided to buy a few. As I bought a few lots I noticed several individuals who were probably medal collectors giving me strange looks! Who I was and where did I come from? I brought those medals home and spent many fun hours attributing and researching every one. To my surprise, and dumb luck, I discovered that I had bought one relatively rare piece. That was exciting! So I had a good time, learned a bunch and even made a little profit because of a compulsive purchase. It doesn't matter what your reasons for buying are, there is much to learn and enjoy about collecting coins.

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