Coins Certified as of 12/1

PCGS Number Lookup

Morgan Dollar, MS
PCGS #DateDenominationVarietyDesignation
70721878 8TF$1 MS
70701878 7/8TF$1Weak MS
70781878 7/8TF$1Strong MS
70741878 7TF$1Reverse of 1878 MS
70761878 7TF$1Reverse of 1879 MS
70801878-CC$1 MS
5188451878-CC$1 GSA HoardMS
70821878-S$1 MS
70841879$1 MS
70861879-CC$1 MS
5188481879-CC$1 GSA HoardMS
70881879-CC$1Capped Die MS
5332251879-CC$1Capped Die GSA HoardMS
70901879-O$1 MS
70921879-S$1 MS
5190101879-S$1 GSA HoardMS
70941879-S$1Reverse of 1878 MS
70961880$1 MS
71001880-CC$1 MS
5188511880-CC$1 GSA HoardMS
71081880/79-CC$1Reverse of 1878 MS
5189221880/79-CC$1Reverse of 1878 GSA HoardMS
5189231880/79-CC$1Reverse of 1878 GSA HoardMSPL
5189241880/79-CC$1Reverse of 1878 GSA HoardMSDM
71021880-CC$18/7 High 7 MS
5188541880-CC$18/7 High 7 GSA HoardMS
71041880-CC$18/Low 7 MS
5188571880-CC$18/Low 7 GSA HoardMS
71101880-CC$18/7 Reverse of 1878 MS
5188601880-CC$18/7 Reverse of 1878 GSA HoardMS
71141880-O$1 MS
71161880-O$180/79 MS
71181880-S$1 MS
71201880/79-S$1 MS
71221880/9-S$1 MS
71241881$1 MS
71261881-CC$1 MS
5188631881-CC$1 GSA HoardMS
71281881-O$1 MS
PCGS #DateDenominationVarietyDesignation
71301881-S$1 MS
71321882$1 MS
71341882-CC$1 MS
5188661882-CC$1 GSA HoardMS
71361882-O$1 MS
71381882-O/S$1Strong MS
871381882-O/S$1Weak MS
71401882-S$1 MS
71421883$1 MS
71441883-CC$1 MS
5188691883-CC$1 GSA HoardMS
71461883-O$1 MS
5249661883-O$1 GSA HoardMS
71481883-S$1 MS
71501884$1 MS
71521884-CC$1 MS
5188721884-CC$1 GSA HoardMS
71541884-O$1 MS
5217221884-O$1 GSA HoardMS
71561884-S$1 MS
71581885$1 MS
71601885-CC$1 MS
5188751885-CC$1 GSA HoardMS
71621885-O$1 MS
71641885-S$1 MS
71661886$1 MS
71681886-O$1 MS
71701886-S$1 MS
71721887$1 MS
71741887/6$1 MS
71761887-O$1 MS
71781887/6-O$1 MS
71801887-S$1 MS
71821888$1 MS
71841888-O$1 MS
871841888-O$1Scarface MS
73081888-O$1Doubled Die Obverse MS
71861888-S$1 MS
71881889$1 MS
PCGS #DateDenominationVarietyDesignation
71901889-CC$1 MS
71921889-O$1 MS
71941889-S$1 MS
71961890$1 MS
71981890-CC$1 MS
5188781890-CC$1 GSA HoardMS
871981890-CC$1Tailbar MS
72001890-O$1 MS
72021890-S$1 MS
72041891$1 MS
72061891-CC$1 MS
5188811891-CC$1 GSA HoardMS
72081891-O$1 MS
72101891-S$1 MS
72121892$1 MS
72141892-CC$1 MS
72161892-O$1 MS
72181892-S$1 MS
72201893$1 MS
72221893-CC$1 MS
72241893-O$1 MS
72261893-S$1 MS
72281894$1 MS
72301894-O$1 MS
72321894-S$1 MS
72361895-O$1 MS
72381895-S$1 MS
72401896$1 MS
72421896-O$1 MS
72441896-S$1 MS
72461897$1 MS
72481897-O$1 MS
72501897-S$1 MS
72521898$1 MS
72541898-O$1 MS
72561898-S$1 MS
72581899$1 MS
72601899-O$1 MS
872601899-O$1Micro O MS
PCGS #DateDenominationVarietyDesignation
72621899-S$1 MS
72641900$1 MS
72661900-O$1 MS
72681900-O/CC$1 MS
72701900-S$1 MS
72721901$1 MS
73021901$1Doubled Die Reverse MS
72741901-O$1 MS
72761901-S$1 MS
72781902$1 MS
72801902-O$1 MS
72821902-S$1 MS
72841903$1 MS
72861903-O$1 MS
72881903-S$1 MS
73061903-S$1Micro S MS
72901904$1 MS
72921904-O$1 MS
72941904-S$1 MS
72961921$1Morgan MS
72981921-D$1 MS
73001921-S$1 MS
Morgan Dollar, PR
PCGS #DateDenominationVarietyDesignation
73111878 8TF$1 PR
973111878 8TF$1 PRDC
73121878 7TF$1Reverse of 1878 PR
73131878 7TF$1Reverse of 1879 PR
73141879$1 PR
73451879-O$1 PRBM
73151880$1 PR
73161881$1 PR
73171882$1 PR
73181883$1 PR
73461883-O$1 PRBM
73191884$1 PR
73201885$1 PR
73211886$1 PR
73221887$1 PR
73231888$1 PR
73241889$1 PR
73251890$1 PR
73261891$1 PR
73271892$1 PR
73281893$1 PR
73471893-CC$1 PRBM
73291894$1 PR
73301895$1 PR
73311896$1 PR
73321897$1 PR
73331898$1 PR
73341899$1 PR
73351900$1 PR
73361901$1 PR
73371902$1 PR
73381903$1 PR
73391904$1 PR
73421921$1Chapman PR
Morgan Dollar, SP
PCGS #DateDenominationVarietyDesignation
73411921$1Zerbe Special Strike SP