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Today's Bullion Prices
11/21 5:14 PM
11/21 5:14 PM
11/21 5:14 PM
1,201.30 16.46 1,224.30
▲7.60 ▲0.18 ▲12.70
Today's Gold & Silver Coin Prices
90% Silver
40% Silver
1,235.30 13,020.15 4,663.95 28.00
▲7.60 ▲128.70 ▲53.10 0.00
Today's Price Changes
 Today's Top 10 Gainers       Total of 8229 Gainers       See All of Today's Gainers
PCGS NoDescriptionDesigGradeToday's
Price ($)
Price ($)
Gain ($)% Change
1654 1828 1C Large Narrow Date, BNMS BN63+3,7502,80095033.9%
1673 1830 1C Large Letters, RBMS RB644,0003,0001,00033.3%
36946 1830 1C N-4 Large Letters, BNMS BN643,0002,30070030.4%
1672 1830 1C Large Letters, BNMS BN643,0002,30070030.4%
36632 1819/(8) 1C N-2 Large Date, RBMS RB64+3,9503,15080025.4%
1604 1819/(8) 1C Large Date, RBMS RB64+3,9503,15080025.4%
1655 1828 1C Large Narrow Date, RBMS RB645,5004,5001,00022.2%
8983 1877-CC $20MS 454,5003,75075020.0%
147871 1954 50C "Bugs Bunny" FS-401, FLMS FBL652252002512.5%
8591 1844-O $10MS 53+3,2502,90035012.1%
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 Today's Top 10 Losers       Total of 75 Losers       See All of Today's Losers
PCGS NoDescriptionDesigGradeToday's
Price ($)
Price ($)
Loss ($)% Change
1871 1846 1C Tall Date, BNMS BN644,7505,900-1,150-19.5%
510540 1959 50C "Goiter" FS-402, FLMS FBL63+270300-30-10.0%
510539 1959 50C "Goiter" FS-402MS 63+225250-25-10.0%
6732 1977-D 50CMS 67225250-25-10.0%
6760 1991-D 50CMS 679501,050-100-9.5%
511461 1956 50C Obv Die Clash FS 402, FLMS FBL66385425-40-9.4%
145802 1948 50C DDR FS-801, FLMS FBL66725800-75-9.4%
510122 1963 50C DDR FS-801MS 64+100110-10-9.1%
6731 1977 50CMS 67500550-50-9.1%
509935 1948 50C Obv Die Clash FS-401, FLMS FBL64275300-25-8.3%
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Collectors Corner
64,718 Coins for Sale Today, valued at $96,803,432.00
Collectors Corner New PCGS Listings
1807 $2.50 AU50 PCGS All the early quarter eagles had small mintages with 1807 having the largest at a mere 6,812 coins. This example has lustrous yellow-gold surfaces with a faint hint of green. The detail is very solid and there are just trivial marks. The overall quality and eye appeal is excellent for the grade. 15,950.00
1935-D 50C Boone MS65 PCGS CAC Only 5005 Boones were struck in Denver in 1935 and of that number only 327 have been graded MS 65 by PCGS as of January 2014. With the added bonus of the CAC sticker, this coin appears to be a great value today! 235.00
1976-S $1 Silver MS66 PCGS Visit www.EnzioRomanoCoins.com. CAC. GREAT LUSTER, COLOR and EYE APPEAL. Photo not available 100.00
1899-S 25C MS66 PCGS Description Coming Soon. 5,600.00
1867 25C BG-709 MS65 PCGS . 1,350.00
1903-O $1 MS65 PCGS GREEN CAC 700.00
1984-P 50C MS66 PCGS Great looking coin with superb luster. Nothing distracting to mention. 40.00
1926 $1 MS66 PCGS NONE Finer than MS66, PQ Approved, CoinStats “Best Value”… This 1926 $1 Peace Dollar, graded MS66 by PCGS has sharp devices and smooth, gleaming fields. This gorgeous silver dollar is sure to please even the most discerning collector. There are some subtle wisps of gold toning gracing the surfaces of this dollar. With brilliant original mint luster and a highly striking cartwheel shine, this outstanding Silver Peace Dollar has magnificent eye-appeal. Current PCGS population reports show NONE higher than MS66. This outstanding investment coin has also been awarded the prestigious PQ Approved sticker for its impeccable condition. A PQ Approved sticker is awarded to exceptional coins that pass a strict grading standard. PQ Approved ensures you are buying the highest quality coin, which historically has proven to offer the best appreciation and liquidity vs. non-PQ coins. For details on the value of the PQ Approved sticker please visit www.PQApproved.com This rarity has also been named "Outstanding Value" by CoinStats, Oct. 2014. CoinStats is a quarterly statistical publication (provided free of charge to all our clients) designed to identify coins with the highest potential in price growth. CoinStats is a valuable investment tool enabling numismatic investors to maximize their return when selecting rare coins. 2,549.00
1879 1C MS64RB PCGS   294.99
1883-CC $1 MS63 PCGS White and lustrous. Some marks, but nothing outside of the grading standards for a MS63 235.00

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PCGS CoinFacts (subscription needed)
Most Recent Condition Census Changes
DateCoin DetailsDescription
11/21/2014 PCGS #40050 (MS) Condition Census for 1799 $1 B-16 BB-158
11/21/2014 PCGS #40046 (MS) Condition Census for 1799 $1 B-18 BB-154
11/21/2014 PCGS #40060 (MS) Condition Census for 1799 $1 B-21 BB-169
11/21/2014 PCGS #70705
(PR, Red and Brown)
Condition Census for 1866 5C J-509, RB
11/21/2014 PCGS #60705
(PR, Brown)
Condition Census for 1866 5C J-509, BN

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Most Recent Expert Narratives
DateCoin DetailsDescription
11/21/2014 PCGS #60705
(PR, Brown)
Ron Guth wrote about 1866 5C J-509, BN
11/21/2014 PCGS #518719 (MS) Jaime Hernandez wrote about 2013-P 50C
11/19/2014 PCGS #40026 (MS) Q. David Bowers wrote about 1798 $1 B-10 BB-109
11/17/2014 PCGS #9003 (MS) P. Scott Rubin wrote about 1885 $20
7/18/2014 PCGS #95581
(PR, Deep Cameo)
Gordon Wrubel wrote about 1880 25C, DC

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Variety Attribution of the Day
1937-D 5C 3 Legs (Regular Strike)

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1937-D 5C 3 Legs (Regular Strike)

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