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Today's Bullion Prices
10/30 12:39 PM
10/30 12:39 PM
10/30 12:39 PM
1,199.10 16.46 1,245.30
▼-12.50 ▼-0.62 ▼-15.40
Today's Gold & Silver Coin Prices
90% Silver
40% Silver
1,233.17 12,483.90 4,663.95 28.00
▼-12.43 ▼-371.80 ▼-182.90 0.00
Today's Price Changes
 Today's Top 10 Gainers       Total of 317 Gainers       See All of Today's Gainers
PCGS NoDescriptionDesigGradeToday's
Price ($)
Price ($)
Gain ($)% Change
6329 1870-S 50CMS 6545,00032,50012,50038.5%
1549 1810 1C, BNMS BN6439,50030,0009,50031.7%
6582 1920-S 50CMS 6642,50032,50010,00030.8%
6070 1805/4 50CMS 6265,00050,00015,00030.0%
36481 1810 1C S-284, BNMS BN6555,00045,00010,00022.2%
1792 1829 1C BronzedPR 6555,00047,5007,50015.8%
1380 1795 1C Plain Edge, BNMS BN6327,00024,0003,00012.5%
1356 LibertyCap 1C Denticled Border, BNMS BN6327,00024,0003,00012.5%
5432 1854 25C ArrowsMS 6745,00040,0005,00012.5%
5431 Seated 25C ArrowsMS 6745,00040,0005,00012.5%
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 Today's Top 10 Losers       Total of 7495 Losers       See All of Today's Losers
PCGS NoDescriptionDesigGradeToday's
Price ($)
Price ($)
Loss ($)% Change
6364 1882 50CMS 6850,00075,000-25,000-33.3%
38766 1804 10C JR-1 13 Stars ReverseMS 5375,000100,000-25,000-25.0%
4474 1804 10C 13 Stars ReverseMS 5375,000100,000-25,000-25.0%
4737 1850 10CPR 6432,50042,500-10,000-23.5%
6985 1844 $1PR 6470,00090,000-20,000-22.2%
38767 1804 10C JR-2 14 Stars ReverseMS 53200,000250,000-50,000-20.0%
4475 1804 10C 14 Stars ReverseMS 53200,000250,000-50,000-20.0%
5542 1848 25CPR 6680,000100,000-20,000-20.0%
1393 1796 1C Liberty Cap, RBMS RB6255,00062,500-7,500-12.0%
1392 1796 1C Liberty Cap, BNMS BN62+49,00055,000-6,000-10.9%
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Collectors Corner
73,358 Coins for Sale Today, valued at $101,516,520.00
Collectors Corner New PCGS Listings
1888-S $1 MS65 PCGS Fantastic blast white luster and an incredible strike with deep mirror surfaces on the obverse. The reverse is semi proof-like with a strike so precise that the Mint's die polish lines are crystal clear. Outstanding quality! 2,795.00
1905 1C MS66+RD PCGS Secure. Pop 2/1. Great look! 3,500.00
1878 7TF $1 Reverse of 1879 MS64 PCGS MARK FELDMAN 1-800-839-1586 WWW.NCWCOIN.COM 475.00
1883-CC $1 MS67 PCGS Visit www.RareCoinWholesalers.com or call (800)347-3250 and ask for Michael 3,950.00
1923 $20 MS65 PCGS Presenting an exquisite example of the 1923 $20 Saint Gaudens Philadelphia mintage. Graded MS65 by PCGS and certified "PQ Approved," this Gold Double Eagle features smooth, highly lustrous surfaces that are eye-catching and glow with a gorgeous golden-honey hue. The devices are well-struck and stand out prominently from the clear fields. This Saint is a remarkable specimen and certain to add beauty and value to your collection or investment holdings. Current PCGS pop shows ONLY 3 GRADED HIGHER, all at MS66. This outstanding investment coin has been awarded the prestigious PQ Approved sticker for its impeccable condition. A PQ Approved sticker is awarded to exceptional coins that pass a strict grading standard created by our founder, Barry Stuppler, a highly respected dealer with over 50 years experience in the numismatic industry. The PQ Approved sticker ensures that you are buying the highest quality coin, which historically has proven to offer the best appreciation and liquidity compared to similar non-PQ Approved coins. For details on the value of the PQ Approved sticker please visit www.PQApproved.com. This rarity has also been named "Outstanding Value" by CoinStats, October 2014. CoinStats is a quarterly statistical publication that identifies coins with the highest potential in price growth based on detailed analysis of each individual coins population, value differential, and market capitalization. CoinStats is a valuable investment tool that enables numismatic investors to maximize their return when selecting rare coins. 4,649.00
2010 $1 Silver Eagle MS70 PCGS This 2010 Silver American Eagle $1 has micro spots. Certified: PCGS MS70 <p>Our SKU: MSB1589 <p>Payment Responsibility: In order to complete your purchase submission at Collector's Corner, <b><u>you</u></b> are responsible to contact The Executive Coin Company with your payment information. You can reach us at 1-800-965-2646. Please be sure to ask for the Internet Department. <p>You may also purchase this coin directly at <a href="http://www.executivecoin.com/p-56848.aspx">www.ExecutiveCoin.com</a> and see other offerings that are available. 53.00
1907 $10 No Motto MS62 PCGS Superb luster and a great strike on this coin will make you wonder why it isn't in an MS63 holder. There are no hits or distractions on this coin, any collector would be happy to add this coin to their personal collection. PCGS price guide of $2005 in MS62. 1,990.00
1931 $20 NG If you want a reasonably priced 1931 Saint, then this is the coin for you!!! Very shinny from the polishing but still lots of mean on the coin. Sharply struck smooth surfaces and a nice date filler for someone. 21,840.00
1839 $2.50 AU58 PCGS Scarce & underrated! Rarer, but cheaper, than the branch mint Classics. Only 14 examples graded Mint State. Beautiful rich color; nicely struck. Population: PCGS 5/5 NGC 15/9 For more info, contact NYGM at (516) 365-5465 or [email protected] 6,800.00

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PCGS CoinFacts (subscription needed)
Most Recent Condition Census Changes
DateCoin DetailsDescription
10/30/2014 PCGS #87063
(PR, Cameo)
Condition Census for 1883 T$1 Trade, CA
10/29/2014 PCGS #6405 (PR) Condition Census for 1853 50C Arrows and Rays
10/29/2014 PCGS #38970 (MS) Condition Census for 1822 25C Browning 2 25/50C
10/28/2014 PCGS #6328 (MS) Condition Census for 1870-CC 50C
10/28/2014 PCGS #1027
(MS, Brown)
Condition Census for 1796 1/2C With Pole, BN

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Most Recent Expert Narratives
DateCoin DetailsDescription
10/29/2014 PCGS #40024 (MS) Q. David Bowers wrote about 1798 $1 B-21 BB-107 10 Arrows
10/29/2014 PCGS #6405 (PR) Ron Guth wrote about 1853 50C Arrows and Rays
10/28/2014 PCGS #5904 (MS) Jaime Hernandez wrote about 1978 25C
10/20/2014 PCGS #9098 (PR) P. Scott Rubin wrote about 1882 $20
7/18/2014 PCGS #95581
(PR, Deep Cameo)
Gordon Wrubel wrote about 1880 25C, DC

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Variety Attribution of the Day
1865-S $10 865/Inverted 186 (Regular Strike)

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PCGS CoinFacts Coin Of The Day

1865-S $10 865/Inverted 186 (Regular Strike)

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