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Today's Bullion Prices
09/30 4:32 AM
09/30 4:32 AM
09/30 4:32 AM
1,325.10 19.23 1,030.40
▲5.90 ▲0.11 ▲3.90
Today's Gold & Silver Coin Prices
90% Silver
40% Silver
1,362.10 13,677.95 5,559.39 27.00
▲5.90 ▲78.65 ▲31.80 0.00
Today's Price Changes
Today's Top 10 Gainers Total of 248 Gainers See All of Today's Gainers
PCGS NoDescriptionDesigGradeToday's Price ($)Yesterday's Price ($)Gain ($)% Change
5754 1926 25CMS 673,0002,50050020.0%
4945 1924-D 10C, FBMS FB651,2501,10015013.6%
5750 1924-S 25CMS 678,5007,5001,00013.3%
4946 1924-S 10CMS 651,3501,20015012.5%
542994 2015-P 10C, FBMS FB682502252511.1%
418797 2010-P 10C, FBMS FB681501351511.1%
4944 1924-D 10CMS 53+120110109.1%
4942 1924 10CMS 64125115108.7%
2596 1929 1C, RDMS RD66250230208.7%
4948 1925 10CMS 65215200157.5%

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Today's Top 10 Losers Total of 2314 Losers See All of Today's Losers
PCGS NoDescriptionDesigGradeToday's Price ($)Yesterday's Price ($)Loss ($)% Change
2982 1976 1C, RDMS RD685,2506,500-1,250-19.2%
5752 1925 25CMS 661,0001,200-200-16.7%
5748 1924-D 25CMS 672,5003,000-500-16.7%
2987 1977-D 1C, RDMS RD67500600-100-16.7%
4943 1924 10C, FBMS FB673,0003,500-500-14.3%
505071 2011-P 10C, FBMS FB67+6070-10-14.3%
2596 1929 1C, RDMS RD67+3,0003,500-500-14.3%
85213 2006-P 10C, FBMS FB66+7080-10-12.5%
5750 1924-S 25CMS 639501,050-100-9.5%
407263 2009-P 10CMS 675055-5-9.1%

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Collectors Corner
78,990 Coins for Sale Today, valued at $101,898,094.00
Collectors Corner New PCGS Listings
1906 $20 PR66CAM PCGS Visit www.coinandbullion.com or Call (850) 785-9546157,500.00
1904-S $1 MS66 PCGS What an absolutely extraordinary coin!! The fields have amazing reflectivity and the devices glow like you expect from a proof. It's uncanny how this coin escaped the ravages of handling to be so well-preserved. One look at the cheek and you would be hard-pressed to find any marks whatsoever. What keeps this coin from a MS67 grade is very light chatter in the reverse field just below the "OF" and a very minor contact mark on the lower part of the neck of Liberty. Equally important, PCGS has only certified 14 coins with 2 finer, both MS67s. MS67 has a published price nearly three times the $24,000 CU price for a MS66 - so it's unlikely one of these will be located at a reasonable price anytime soon. Earlier this year a CAC endorsed example brought $32,900. A non-CAC example sold at the same time for $17,625. The catalog description of "a few light scuffs on Liberty's chin and neck" on this non-CAC example was an understatement as the luster was completely broken through more than half of the cheek, as well as the neck. The light toning sparsely seen on the periphery of both the obverse and reverse complete a most positive overall impression for this wonderful specimen, and we cannot remember when we've seen anything approaching this one.19,750.00
1919-D 1C MS66+RD PCGS Pop 3/1. If placing an order, please tell us if you wish to pay by PayPal/Credit Card or Check/Money Order.9,500.00
1915-S/S 50C Panama-Pac RPM FS-502 MS66 PCGS 1915-S/S Panama-Pacific Half Dollar RPM FS-502 MS66 PCGS7,250.00
1889 1C Misaligned Die Clash FS-901 S-31 MS64RB PCGS Choice Unc (9: 3;3;2) RB 50%. This is a awesome variety with two sets of off-center clash marks. on the reverse. Very few examples are known. This is a very popular variety. The only example graded in this color group.Condition Census1,850.00
1900 1C PR65BN PCGS Visit www.EnzioRomanoCoins.com. *Vibrant Rose & Teal* Scarce & Beautiful. PCGS Population ten in Proof 65 with only eight coins graded higher. Cert. Number 25229159 See PCGS TrueView Photo This coin has not been to CAC.1,575.00
1826 1/2C MS62BN PCGS Call Vince 315-733-4961 or e-mail us at [email protected]550.00
1927-D $1 MS63 PCGS 1927-D $1 ,410.00
1942 50C MS66 PCGS  159.00
2006 First Strike Silver Eagle PCGS MS69 Small quantity available.39.00
1826 50C PR65CAM PCGS The finest known 1826 Capped Bust Half and the only example graded Cameo - An incredible gem that boasts lovely silver surfaces with splashes of sea-green, midnight-blue, and sunset-gold. The mirrored surfaces and needle sharp strike make it clear that this coin was specially made for presentation purposes.  Unquestionably the most well-preserved example of the date, this specimen is among the finest proof Bust Halves in existence, and belongs in a world-class collection.127,500.00
1788 Connct Mailed Bust Left MS65BN PCGS Simply an incredible piece, with superb surfaces, frosty original luster, mint red lingering in the devices and razor sharp detail we've not encountered before on a coin in this series. And apparently Richard Picker agreed, based on this description in the Garret catalog: "A truly superb coin. Neither Richard Picker or ourselves have ever seen an equal to this piece, a coin which must surely rank with the finest of its type." Ex Bower's October 1980 sale of the Garrett Collection, lot #1377; earlier from the collection of Col. James Ellsworth.55,000.00
1863-S 50C MS64+ PCGS Visit www.RareCoinWholesalers.com or call (800)347-3250 and ask for Michael7,950.00
1976 $1 Type 2 MS67 PCGS  3,950.00
1899-S $1 MS66 PCGS This dazzling 1899-S $1 Morgan Dollar, graded Gem MS66 by PCGS, has it all; a low population, fabulous eye-appeal, blazing original mint luster, and beautiful surfaces that exhibit a rich, brilliant shine. The devices are crisp and well struck with lots of wonderful detail throughout. Exquisite to behold and illuminated with a lustrous glow, the devices are magnificently detailed. This is a very impressive silver gem that is sure to please even the most discerning collector or investor. According to current PCGS population reports ONLY 10 graded higher. This outstanding investment coin has also been awarded the prestigious PQ Approved sticker for its impeccable condition. A PQ Approved sticker is awarded to exceptional coins that pass a strict grading standard. PQ Approved ensures you are buying the highest quality coin, which historically has proven to offer the best appreciation and liquidity vs. non-PQ coins. For details on the value of the PQ Approved sticker please contact us or visit www.PQApproved.com.3,499.00
1885-S $1 MS64 PCGS  675.00
1872 25c BG-791 California Fractional Gold PCGS MS62 Octagonal Indian.439.00
1934-D 5C MS64 PCGS 1934 D Buffalo Nickel PCGS MS64. All items guaranteed authentic. We stand by our lifetime guarantee for every item we sell.235.00
1916 10C Barber MS62 PCGS Call Vince at 315-733-4961 or e-mail us at [email protected]120.00
1803 1/2C PCGS Genuine  89.00

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PCGS CoinFacts
Most Recent Condition Census Changes
DateCoin DetailsDescription
9/29/2016 PCGS #60729 (PR) Condition Census for 1866 $3/5C J-531a
9/29/2016 PCGS #7557 (MS) Condition Census for 1860-S G$1
9/29/2016 PCGS #60717 (PR) Condition Census for 1866 5C J-520
9/29/2016 PCGS #40021 (MS) Condition Census for 1798 $1 B-22 BB-104 Wide Date
9/29/2016 PCGS #37376 (MS) Condition Census for 1857 1C Obv Die Clash with $20 FS-403 S-7 (004)

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Most Recent Expert Narratives
DateCoin DetailsDescription
9/29/2016 PCGS #6770 (MS) Jaime Hernandez wrote about 1996-D 50C
9/29/2016 PCGS #4642 (MS) Ron Guth wrote about 1865-S 10C
4/19/2016 PCGS #45409 (PR) P. Scott Rubin wrote about 1783 P '100' Nova Plain
11/16/2015 PCGS #8217 (MS) Gordon Wrubel wrote about 1843-O $5 Small Letters
11/5/2015 PCGS #40076 (MS) Q. David Bowers wrote about 1800 $1 B-10 BB-190 Wide Date

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1829 10C Large 10C (Regular Strike)

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1829 10C Large 10C (Regular Strike)


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