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Today's Bullion Prices
03/24 4:59 PM
03/24 4:59 PM
03/24 4:59 PM
1,243.10 17.76 964.30
▼-1.50 ▲0.18 ▲1.10
Today's Gold & Silver Coin Prices
90% Silver
40% Silver
1,275.10 12,626.90 5,139.42 27.00
▼-1.50 ▲128.70 ▲52.04 0.00
Today's Price Changes
Today's Top 10 Gainers Total of 1141 Gainers See All of Today's Gainers
PCGS NoDescriptionDesigGradeToday's Price ($)Yesterday's Price ($)Gain ($)% Change
37376 1857 1C Obv Die Clash with $20 FS-403 S-7 (004)MS 451,00080020025.0%
37377 1857 1C Rev Die Clash with 25C FS-901 S-8 (005)MS 62+1,10090020022.2%
8028 1865 $3PR 6327,50022,5005,00022.2%
88028 1865 $3, CAPR CAM6328,50023,5005,00021.3%
791 1776 $1 CURENCY, PewterMS 814,50012,0002,50020.8%
9052 1907 $20 LibertyMS 63+1,6701,38528520.6%
9045 1904 $20MS 63+1,6701,38528520.6%
9043 1903 $20MS 63+1,6701,38528520.6%
9037 1900 $20MS 63+1,6701,38528520.6%
8981 LIBERTY $20 'DOLLARS'MS 63+1,6701,38528520.6%

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Today's Top 10 Losers Total of 3261 Losers See All of Today's Losers
PCGS NoDescriptionDesigGradeToday's Price ($)Yesterday's Price ($)Loss ($)% Change
84064 1958-D 5C, FSMS FS671,1001,650-550-33.3%
5636 1903-S 25CMS 66+6,0008,000-2,000-25.0%
5635 1903-O 25CMS 641,4501,850-400-21.6%
5618 1897-S 25CMS 6612,00015,000-3,000-20.0%
84197 1965 5C SMS, CASP CAM67140175-35-20.0%
94203 1971-S 5C, DCPR DCAM69200250-50-20.0%
5605 1893-O 25CMS 664,2505,250-1,000-19.1%
5633 1902-S 25CMS 653,2504,000-750-18.8%
5097 1951 10CMS 676580-15-18.8%
84142 1998-P 5C, FSMS FS66110135-25-18.5%

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Collectors Corner
82,171 Coins for Sale Today, valued at $142,308,209.00
Collectors Corner New PCGS Listings
1856 $2.50 PR65 PCGS Visit www.RareCoinWholesalers.com or call (800)347-3250 and ask for Michael189,500.00
1652 Shilling Pine Tree, Lg Planchet MS64 PCGS NOE-4 Highly pedigreed, full size large planchet in gem condition. This is the most desirable of all the types of Early Colonial silver. Has Natural Attractive Patina and very nice shape and is far superior to those usually offered or on the market today. A magnificent example with famous Ford pedigree on the label. 23 (MG)65,000.00
1891-CC $1 MS65DMPL PCGS 1891-CC $1 DMPL Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS65DMPL Only CAC Approved In 65 DMPL!! 97207.65/83688760 PCGS Population - 4 / 0 Finer CAC Population - 1 / 0 Finer Only CAC approved coin in 65 DMPL57,500.00
1871-S $20 AU55 PCGS 1871-S $20 ,1,885.00
1952 50C MS67FBL PCGS Description Coming Soon1,850.00
1973 25C MS67 PCGS This is a Top Pop coin with none graded higher at PCGS.1,150.00
1944-D 50C MS67 PCGS Presenting a lovely 1944-D 50c Walking Liberty graded MS67 by PCGS. This Gem certified Silver Half Dollar coin boasts amazing original mint luster, sharp details, and smooth fields. There is some rim toning, which can be seen in photo. This Silver Half Dollar is also among the highest graded of the mintage. PCGS population shows ONLY 12 graded higher, 11 at MS67+ and 1 at MS68. This rarity is also one of the CoinStats 'Best Value' investment coins. CoinStats is a quarterly statistical publication that identifies coins with the highest potential in price growth based on detailed analysis of population, value differential, and market capitalization. CoinStats is a valuable investment tool that help collectors and investors maximize their return when selecting rare coins.899.00
1879-S $1 MS66+ PCGS Description coming soon.425.00
1936 50C Rhode Island MS65 PCGS  149.00
1947 50C Booker T. Washington MS65 PCGS Description Coming Soon.75.00
1851 $50 LE Humbert 880 AU58 PCGS Visit www.RareCoinWholesalers.com or call (800)347-3250 and ask for Michael175,000.00
1925-S $20 MS64 PCGS Visit www.coinandbullion.com or Call (850) 785-954642,000.00
1873-CC $10 VF20 PCGS With a mintage of just slightly more than 4,500 pieces, the 73 CC is an legitimately rare coin in ALL grades with likely fewer than 60 to 80 pieces extant. It is unknown in Mint State. Very pleasing red-gold and khaki gold color with hints of rose about some of the protected areas. This is the only coin PCGS has graded VF20. A great opportunity to own an exceptionally challenging Carson City Eagle.10,000.00
1877 3CN PR67CAM PCGS **1877 3CN PR67CAM PCGS CAC** *Ultra PQ* - Here at California Numismatic Funding we like to offer quality coins and paper money at fair market prices. If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact us by phone at (760)-758 1200 and ask to speak to the internet department or email [email protected] we are here to help you. For more premium coins at nice prices check out our ebay store http://stores.ebay.com/coinstacker/ and our website www.coinstacker.com. Thank you for looking!8,200.00
2014-W $50 Eagle PCGS PR70DCAM FS OGP Presenting a gorgeous 2014-W $50 American Eagle Proof, in the PCGS Flag Label. This proof has graded a flawless PR70DCAM First Strike by PCGS and features sharply struck devices and dazzling mirror like Gold fields. From the West Point Mint, this Eagle epitomizes perfection. The high point details stand out fantastically against the pristine fields. This $50 Eagle Proof are certain to please even the most discerning numismatist or Gold collector! Includes original government packaging and Certificate of Authenticity.2,869.00
1899 $1 MS66 PCGS Beautiful original; CAC approved Superb Gem Philly. Vibrant cartwheel mint luster with sharp strike and pristine surfaces. Great opportunity for a PQ specimen with fabulous eye appeal.2,195.00
1904 G$1 Lewis and Clark MS63 PCGS  1,195.00
1958 Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS67 None graded finer.465.00
1921 50C Pilgrim MS63 PCGS CAC, Deep original gold toning, a nice 63.175.00
1904 1C MS64RB PCGS  119.00

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PCGS CoinFacts
Most Recent Condition Census Changes
DateCoin DetailsDescription
3/24/2017 PCGS #1952
(PR, Brown)
Condition Census for 1841 1C, BN
3/24/2017 PCGS #4335 (MS) Condition Census for 1845 H10C
3/24/2017 PCGS #4326 (MS) Condition Census for 1840 H10C Drapery
3/24/2017 PCGS #4391 (MS) Condition Census for 1867-S H10C
3/24/2017 PCGS #4349 (MS) Condition Census for 1852 H10C

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Most Recent Expert Narratives
DateCoin DetailsDescription
3/24/2017 PCGS #6675 (MS) Jaime Hernandez wrote about 1958-D 50C
3/24/2017 PCGS #10896 (MS) Ron Guth wrote about 1880/70 50C BG-1067
2/20/2017 PCGS #86906
(PR, Cameo)
P. Scott Rubin wrote about 1803 $1, CA
11/16/2015 PCGS #8217 (MS) Gordon Wrubel wrote about 1843-O $5 Small Letters
11/5/2015 PCGS #40076 (MS) Q. David Bowers wrote about 1800 $1 B-10 BB-190 Wide Date

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1848 H10C Medium Date (Regular Strike)

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1848 H10C Medium Date (Regular Strike)


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