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Today's Bullion Prices
01/19 1:41 AM
01/19 1:41 AM
01/19 1:38 AM
1,200.30 16.97 960.20
▼-2.30 ▼-0.07 ▼-2.80
Today's Gold & Silver Coin Prices
90% Silver
40% Silver
1,234.30 12,312.30 4,906.03 27.00
▼-2.30 ▼-50.05 ▼-20.23 0.00
Today's Price Changes
Today's Top 10 Gainers Total of 179 Gainers See All of Today's Gainers
PCGS NoDescriptionDesigGradeToday's Price ($)Yesterday's Price ($)Gain ($)% Change
7782 1857 $2.50MS 6875,00054,62520,37537.3%
145156 1990-S 25C DDO FS-101, DCPR DCAM705,5004,90060012.2%
6602 1937-D 50CMS 64350325257.7%
3875 1912-S 5CMS 501,5001,4001007.1%
9004 1885-CC $20MS 6275,00070,0005,0007.1%
97890 1864 $2.50, DCPR DCAM6680,00075,0005,0006.7%
519852 1795 $5 BD-3 Small EagleMS 5552,50049,5003,0006.1%
519851 1795 $5 Small Eagle, BD-2MS 5552,50049,5003,0006.1%
519849 1795 $5 Small Eagle, BD-1MS 5552,50049,5003,0006.1%
8066 1795 $5 Small EagleMS 5552,50049,5003,0006.1%

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Today's Top 10 Losers Total of 2934 Losers See All of Today's Losers
PCGS NoDescriptionDesigGradeToday's Price ($)Yesterday's Price ($)Loss ($)% Change
7407 1971-D $1MS 671,6002,000-400-20.0%
9817 1988-S $1 Silver Eagle, DCPR DCAM70400500-100-20.0%
9838 1990 $5 Gold EagleMS 702,1502,650-500-18.9%
6718 1972 50CMS 671,4251,750-325-18.6%
5483 1872-S 25CMS 45+7,9509,750-1,800-18.5%
2284 1865 1C, RDPR RD654,5005,500-1,000-18.2%
519385 1988-S $1 Silver Eagle Mercanti Signature, DCPR DCAM70450550-100-18.2%
8739 1897-S $10MS 621,4001,700-300-17.7%
93446 1975-S 1C, DCPR DCAM697085-15-17.7%
3797 1870 5CMS 662,7003,250-550-16.9%

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Collectors Corner
71,829 Coins for Sale Today, valued at $131,882,161.00
Collectors Corner New PCGS Listings
1794 1C Head of 1794 MS66BN PCGS Visit www.RareCoinWholesalers.com or call (800)347-3250 and ask for Michael155,000.00
1793 Chain 1C AMERICA 98BN PCGS  33,000.00
1973-S 50C PR70DCAM PCGS 1973 S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar Clad PCGS PR70DCAM Low Pop 352,950.00
1791 1/2 G Great Britain AU58 PCGS Description coming soon.1,850.00
1903 5C MS66+ PCGS 5C 1903 PCGS MS66+ CAC1,350.00
1958-D 50C MS65 PCGS CAC This type of color can only come from over a half a century spent inside an old Double Mint Set under perfect environmental conditions. Of the over 100,000 examples of the 1958-D Franklins placed into these sets fewer than a handful can surpass this one in beauty. What makes it exceptional and unusual is the fact that the beautiful color adorns both sides of the coin. So often these Mint Set coins display amazing color on one side while the another side of the coin is usually much duller in color and luster. A rare opportunity. Lower prices for this and hundreds of other coins will be found at Fresebrothers.com750.00
1943 50C MS67 PCGS Amazing surfaces with superb gem quality and light contrast between lustrous devices and virtually mark free fields. CAC certified.585.00
1916-D 10C AG3 PCGS Problem Free Key Date. 1916-D Mercury Dime, PCGS About Good-3. The key to the Mercury Dime series! Price jumps to $1500 in VG-8, and $2500 in Fine-12. The 16-D is widely collected and tough to find in any grade. A very nice and original coin. Properly graded and guaranteed genuine. Actual coin you will receive. Add the key date to your collection for a reasonable price. Zero problems guaranteed. Write for higher quality scan or layaway options. Free Shipping.495.00
1879 $1 MS64+ PCGS  199.00
1979-S Type 2 Kennedy Half Dollar PCGS PR69DCAM  19.00
1652 Shilling Willow Tree VF35 PCGS Visit www.RareCoinWholesalers.com or call (800)347-3250 and ask for Michael142,500.00
1876 $1 J-1464 PR61 PCGS CAC-certified. Only 3 graded. Off the market for several decades. CAC pop of 1. R-8 rarity rating (1-8 scale). Silver. Obverse Barber's Liberty Head, IN GOD WE TRUST at top border, pearls added to coronet; reverse open laurel wreath. For more information, contact NYGM at (516) 365-5465 or [email protected]31,000.00
1911-D $2.50 Strong D AU50 PCGS Gold Quarter Eagle Key Date. 1911-D $2.50 Gold Indian, PCGS AU-50, Strong D. Very nice coin -- the "D" is very strong. Slight wear with even gold color, and zero problems guaranteed. Add the Key Date for a reasonable price. Price jumps to $8500 in MS-60, and $16,000 in MS-63. Write for higher quality pictures or layaway options. Free Shipping.3,985.00
1972-D 1C MS67RD PCGS The 1972-D Lincoln is exceptionally scarce in Superb Red Gem. After 30 years, PCGS has only awarded this grade to a measly 25 of the 1972-D Lincolns (21 in 67RD, 4 in 67+RD). And that is out of a mintage of more than 2.6 billion!!!1,495.00
1735-41 Italy-Venice 1 Zecchino MS64 PCGS Italy-Venice 1 Zech. Choice uncirculated specimen. Only 2 uncirculated pieces graded at NGC, this coin being Pop: 1, finest graded.1,475.00
1878 7/8TF $1 Strong VAM 38 7/5 MS64PL PCGS  1,195.00
1788 Connct Mailed Bust Right VF30BN PCGS To order please call 616-742-0134 or email [email protected] SKU S00005475.00
1936 50C Wisconsin MS67 PCGS This wonderfully original 1936 Wisconsin Commem Half Dollar has superb eye appeal with fantastic luster and nice strike. Great color and surfaces. Certified: PCGS MS67 <p>Our SKU: PSB16914 <p>Payment Responsibility: In order to complete your purchase submission at Collector's Corner, <b><u>you</u></b> are responsible to contact The Executive Coin Company with your payment information. You can reach us at 1-800-965-2646. Please be sure to ask for the Internet Department. <p>You may also purchase this coin directly at <a href="https://www.executivecoin.com/p-92699.aspx">www.ExecutiveCoin.com</a> and see other offerings that are available.370.00
1897-S $1 MS63 PCGS 1897 S MORGAN DOLLAR PCGS MS63175.00
1905 5C MS63 PCGS  155.00

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PCGS CoinFacts
Most Recent Condition Census Changes
DateCoin DetailsDescription
1/18/2017 PCGS #92089
(MS, Red and Brown)
Condition Census for 1867/67 1C, RB
1/17/2017 PCGS #8298 (MS) Condition Census for 1865 $5
1/17/2017 PCGS #7724 (MS) Condition Census for 1842-C $2.50
1/17/2017 PCGS #6331 (MS) Condition Census for 1871-CC 50C
1/17/2017 PCGS #4830 (MS) Condition Census for 1903 10C

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Most Recent Expert Narratives
DateCoin DetailsDescription
1/18/2017 PCGS #5168 (MS) Jaime Hernandez wrote about 1985-P 10C
1/18/2017 PCGS #92089
(MS, Red and Brown)
Ron Guth wrote about 1867/67 1C, RB
4/19/2016 PCGS #45409 (PR) P. Scott Rubin wrote about 1783 P '100' Nova Plain
11/16/2015 PCGS #8217 (MS) Gordon Wrubel wrote about 1843-O $5 Small Letters
11/5/2015 PCGS #40076 (MS) Q. David Bowers wrote about 1800 $1 B-10 BB-190 Wide Date

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1883 5C With CENTS (Proof)

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1883 5C With CENTS (Proof)


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