PCGS Restoration

Restore the Beauty of Your Coins

PCGS Restoration is designed to help you overcome environmental problems that may have occurred with your coins. Preserving originality and the natural condition of every coin is the number one objective of PCGS Restoration. All coins submitted will be evaluated by experts before any restoration is attempted. Coins will not qualify for restoration if in the opinion of these experts the coin should not be restored, or if any attempt at restoring the coin could possibly worsen its condition.

PCGS Restoration is not an upgrade service. There is no guarantee that your coin will grade higher than as originally submitted. Actually, PCGS Restoration offers no grade guarantee. Any coin submitted in a PCGS holder that downgrades will be covered per the terms of the PCGS guarantee.

If your coin suffers from some type of problem that detracts from its natural beauty, PCGS Restoration may be able to help. Improper storage, accidental exposure to caustic elements, or even the deliberate addition of foreign substances can detract from an otherwise beautiful coin. Often these problems can be addressed by the skillful application of various non-invasive and industry-accepted techniques. Returning coins to their natural original condition is the purpose of the PCGS Restoration service.

All coins restored through the PCGS Restoration service will be graded by PCGS. Once graded by PCGS they will be covered by the PCGS guarantee of authenticity and grade.

PCGS Restoration is available for all U.S. and World Coins PCGS currently accepts. Only PCGS Authorized Dealers or PCGS Collectors Club members may submit coins for PCGS Restoration. There is a separate submission form and process for this service. This service cannot be combined with a regular PCGS submission. Standard turnaround time is estimated at 4-6 weeks.

Criteria for Pricing Restoration

  • Coins that are evaluated but rejected for Restoration will be charged $25.
  • Coins that are restored will be charged 4% of the value of the coin in its final grade (or a minimum fee of $25). This value will be determined using the PCGS Price Guide or Declared Value.
  • Restored coins will automatically be graded by PCGS and will be charged the appropriate grading fee associated with the service level for that coin.
  • Coins not eligible for PCGS Restoration can still go through the PCGS grading process. If you would like to have your coin graded in the event your coin is not restored, initial the appropriate section on the submission form.
  • Shipping charges are the same as what is normally used by PCGS.

Submit coins for PCGS Restoration

Both PCGS Authorized Dealers and Collectors Club members are eligible to submit coins for the restoration service, either at shows or through the mail. A separate submission form must be completed for Restoration services.

PCGS Restoration is committed to restoring coins to their natural and original condition. If you believe that your coin is a candidate for restoration, you should investigate the PCGS Restoration service.