PCGS Restoration – Policies and Procedures

Submitting Coins for PCGS Restoration

  • Submissions will only be accepted from PCGS Authorized Dealers or Collectors Club members.
  • A separate submission form must be completed for restoration services.
  • Restoration submissions will be accepted through the mail or at shows. All restoration services will be performed at the PCGS office.

Types of Coins Eligible for Restoration

  • All U.S. and World coins that PCGS currently accepts may be submitted for restoration service.
  • Coins graded by PCGS should remain in their holders. All PCGS coins will be protected by their PCGS grade guarantee.
  • If you wish to submit a coin that is in another company's holder, you must authorize PCGS to remove the coin from the holder or your order will not be accepted. There is no grade guarantee for coins not in PCGS holders.
  • All other submissions for restoration service must be raw coins. Coins should be individually packaged in a PVC-free plastic flip.

Restoration Process

  • All orders submitted for PCGS Restoration will be confirmed under video recording.
  • All coins submitted will be evaluated before being removed from the holders. If it's determined that a coin should not go through restoration it will be flagged as such and no other processing will be done. However, if you would still like to have your coin graded by PCGS (without the restoration service), please initial the appropriate section on the submission form.
  • Coins that pass through evaluation will begin the actual restoration process. This process will be tailored to address each individual coin.
  • When the restoration process is completed, the coin will then be forwarded to PCGS for grading. All grades are possible including Genuine.
  • The estimated turnaround time for PCGS Restoration is 4-6 weeks.

Additional Services

  • Either Standard or Secure services can be selected on the submission form.
  • Additional services including Varieties, TrueView™ can also be selected on the submission form.
  • Genuine with Details is the default Genuine service. 'Genuine only' or 'No Holder' options can also be selected on the submission form.
  • Minimum grades are not allowed.
  • All orders will be returned using the same shipping process normally used by PCGS.


  • Coins which are evaluated but rejected for restoration will be charged $25.
  • Coins which are restored will be charged 4% of the value of the coin in its final grade (or a minimum fee of $25). This value will be determined using higher of the PCGS Price Guide or Declared Value.
  • If the coin is not eligible for restoration, but you still would like to have the coin graded, the $25 evaluation fee and the appropriate grading fee will be charged (see reverse of submission form for grading fee structure).
  • Restored coins will automatically be graded by PCGS and will be charged the appropriate grading fee associated with the service level for that coin.
  • Shipping charges are the same as what is normally used by PCGS.


  • The final cost of a restoration submission cannot be known until the coins have completed the process; consequently on the submission form costs will be estimated using the declared value for each coin.
  • You must agree that PCGS has the right to determine all coin values.
  • You must agree to pay all fees as determined by PCGS or your submission will not be accepted.
  • Only credit cards or established lines of credit will be acceptable forms of payment.