PCGS introduces DuPont™ Izon®
3D hologram
PCGS, the global leader in rare and collectible coin authentication, has engaged with DuPont, the global leader in secure overt authentication technology, to combat the spread of counterfeiting in the field of numismatics.
The 3D security hologram on the new PCGS holder is nearly impossible to replicate and includes covert security elements to foil counterfeiters.
Learn more below about these elite security features, backed by proprietary DuPont technologies, and how to submit your coins for Gold Shield Security.
Authentication is
as easy as 1-2-3-4
Quick Check
Tilt the holder 90 degrees to reveal covert PCGS brand messaging.
Get the Gold Shield For As Low as $12
Collectors Club members can get the new, scratch-resistant holder featuring the 3D hologram for only $12 for Standard Reholder and $20 for Secure Reholder.
Need Submission Privileges?
If you are not a Collectors Club member, gain direct submission privileges in order to upgrade the PCGS coins in your collection.
DuPont and PCGS share a passion for protection, and through the use of DuPont Izon® 3D security holographic technology, we’re pleased to help deliver the PCGS 'gold standard' to its valued customers.