Coins Certified as of 2/11

Gold Shield Security - The PCGS Holder

  • Maximum Value
  • Maximum Security
  • Maximum Liquidity

PCGS has once again raised the bar for numismatic security, creating a holder that is virtually impossible to replicate.

The PCGS holder is built with covert and overt security features, and enables collectors to readily verify the authenticity of the holder.

A Better Weld for Improved Durability

The PCGS holder features reformulated plastic and a new design that creates a much stronger weld. The result is a holder that is more difficult to chip, holds up better to drops, and more readily reveals tampering.

coin holders holder fit

Get Behind the Gold Shield

Look Closely - this is no ordinary shield. Microtext makes the PCGS Gold Shield uniquely secure.

Gold Shield Microtext

Verify Authenticity on the Go

Scan the Quick Response code using your mobile device to verify authenticity on PCGS Cert Verification.

Quick Response Code

Instant Verification in One Scan

All PCGS holders are formed using a specially engineered plastic that contains an inert additive. This additive is detectable only by a hand-held reader developed exclusively for PCGS. These readers have been provided to select PCGS Authorized Dealers to aid counterfeit detection in the marketplace.

Unique Gold Shield featuring microtext
Reformulated, 99.99% inert, scratch resistant, ultra-clear plastic
Complete weld along entire perimeter
QR Code linked to Cert Verification
Permanent hologram for added security
Specially engineered additive inside the plastic