Coins Certified as of 11/26

Bulk Submissions

Effective August 1, 2011

Bulk Submissions are a great way for Dealers and Collectors Club members to submit a high volume of coins for a discounted fee. It’s a very simple process, but please ensure your order meets the qualifications outlined in the Bulk Agreement.

Before submitting through Bulk, you must fill out and return the PCGS Bulk Submission Agreement form. Once you have read and signed the PCGS Bulk Submission Agreement, please return to PCGS Customer Service via e-mail ([email protected]), fax (949-567-1253), or mail (PCGS Customer Service, POB 9458, Newport Beach, CA 92658).

For an order to be eligible for Bulk Submission, it must contain a minimum of one hundred (100) coins, with a maximum of five (5) different dates, mint marks, denominations or varieties – no more than five (5) different PCGS coin numbers per submission form.

With Bulk Submissions, you may indicate one (1) minimum grade on your submission form. PCGS will holder any coins that meet or exceed the requested minimum grade. No minimum MS or PR 70 submissions will be accepted. If you will accept any grade, please indicate that on the submission form. If no minimum is requested, all coins will be graded. Genuine Services (Genuine with Details and Genuine no Details) are not available on Bulk submissions. Below is the current pricing for orders with a minimum grade listed:

  • If 60% of the coins submitted meet or exceed the minimum grade, each holdered coin will be charged $12. The coins that do not meet your minimum grade will be returned to you unholdered with no charge.
  • If less than 60% of the coins submitted meet or exceed the minimum grade, each holdered coin will be charged $12 while the unholdered coins will be charged $5 each.

Bulk Submissions for Chinese coins prior to the Modern era (1979) are no longer accepted. For specific details, please contact PCGS Customer Service.

Adherence to the Bulk Submissions rules is extremely important in order for us to offer this service. Failure to comply with these rules invalidates your Bulk Submission and we will return your order to you ungraded. You agree to pay a handling fee of $75 (seventy-five dollars) plus return shipping fees per order for any order rejected for non-compliance with the submission rules. This will be billed directly to your credit card as provided on your submission form, unless you chose an alternate payment method. If an alternate payment method was selected, your order will be returned upon receipt of the $75 payment.

We look forward to your future Bulk Submissions.