Number of Required Coins : 5

Current Finest Possible Set Rating : 68.115

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This is the 19th century version of the Susan B. Anthony dollar! The twenty cent piece was only issued for four years, then it was abandoned. Why? Many reasons, but the most notable was that it was too similar in size and appearance to the quarter dollar. Déjà vu, anyone? Five business strikes were made, but virtually all of the Carson City mintage of 1876 was melted at the mint. Just under twenty pieces are known today, making this issue one of the great rarities in American Numismatics. The known pieces are all in the MS-64 to MS-66 range and any one will cost in the mid six-figures today. Completing this set won't be cheap, but will be extremely rewarding if accomplished.
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RankCollection% CompleteWeighted GPASet Rating
1 Driftwood Twenty Cent Mint Set with 76 CC Click to Contact Owner 100.00% 65.85 65.85
2 Hansin Collection Twenty Cent W/1876cc Circ. 100.00% 64.08 64.08
3 Louis Eliasberg 100.00%
Retired All-Time Finest
Rank 3
Weighted GPA 63.385
% Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 63.385
4 [email protected] Click to Contact Owner 80.00% 65.38 40.23
5 cardknowledge Click to Contact OwnerClick to view Set Images 80.00% 60.75 37.38
6 astrorat 80.00% 49.50 30.46
7 lostmountainman 60.00% 22.17 10.23
8 ajia Click to Contact Owner 20.00% 30.00 02.31
9 Bear Creek Collection Click to Contact OwnerClick to view Set Images 20.00% 20.00 01.54