2009-W $50 American Buffalo .9999 Fine Gold, DC PR70DC

PCGS#: 414463

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Jaime Hernandez: The 2009 $50 Proof Gold Buffalo was the only Gold coin with a Buffalo design, that was offered by the U.S. Mint in 2009.

Due to the lack of gold blank planchets required to strike the coins in 2009, the Mint canceled all other 2009 Gold Buffalo related coin products. This included canceling the 2009 $5, $10, $25 and $50 Uncirculated Gold Buffaloes’. The Mint also canceled the 2009 $5, $10, and $25 Proof Gold Buffalo coins.

The 2009 $50 Proof Gold Buffalo’s went on sale on October 29, 2009. The Mint continued to sell the coins throughout the following year, and by late March of 2010, it ceased production for the coins. The final mintage was just under 50,000 coins.

Original Issue Price: $1,360 each

Diameter: 32.70 millimeters Designer: James Earle Fraser Edge: Reeded
Mintage: 49,306 Weight: 31.11 grams Metal Content: 99.99% Gold