1853 P1/4S KMPn-113 PR64

PCGS#: 208565

Owner's Comments

Great Britain, Gold Pattern PROOF 1/4 Sovereign, 1853. Ex Terner (5-2003, lot 326. By William Wyon. Victoria Young Head. Plain edge. WR-365. R4: Extremely Rare, 11-20 known. DM-186, KM-PN-113. According to the research article, "Quarter-Sovereigns and Other Small Gold Patterns of the Mid-Victorian Period" by G. P. Dyer (curator of the Royal Mint), in the British Numismatic Journal for 1997, page 77: all of these have plain edges; mintage not certain, but only 12 were known by 1854. Of the 12 known, this specimen is probably the finest, both sides being heavily frosted, with brilliant mirror surfaces (the Douglas-Morris example was only VF/EF). PCGS PR-64 CAM.

Expert Comments

Diameter: N/A Designer: N/A Edge: N/A
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