1872 $2.50 J-1230, DC PR66DC

PCGS#: 61502

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Expert Comments

David Akers (1975/88): Description: Obverse. Identical to the gold dollar, J-1224. Reverse. Similar to the gold dollar except that the denomination reads 2 1/2 DOL. and there are fourteen stripes on the reverse shield rather than eleven.

Comments: Only two quarter eagle gold patterns have ever been struck by the U.S. Mint, this piece and the broad planchet 1878, J-1566.

Like all the 1872 gold patterns, this piece was owned at one time by William Woodin. When Woodin's collection was sold, the quarter eagle, along with the four higher denominations, ended up in the possession of King Farouk. After Farouk's ouster from power in 1952, his collection was sold by Sotheby's of London in Cairo, Egypt in 1954, and Baldwin and Company, bidding for Dr. Wilkison, purchased the 1872 quarter eagle for 205 Pounds or approximately $588.35.

Diameter: N/A Designer: N/A Edge: N/A
Mintage: N/A Weight: N/A Metal Content: Other

Condition Census

Pos Grade Thumbnail Pedigree and History
1 PR66 PCGS grade  
Ex - William Woodin - F.C.C. Boyd - Abe Kosoff - Farouk, sold for 205 Egyptian Pounds (the equivalent of $588.35) - Dr. Wilkison - purchased in 1973 by the Paramount International Coin Corporation - Trompeter - Superior Galleries - Heritage