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1872 $20 J-1250, CA PR66CA

PCGS#: 61522

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Expert Comments

David Akers (1975/88): Description: Obverse. Identical to J-1224. Reverse. Similar to J-1224 except that the denomination reads TWENTY DOL. There are also twenty stripes on the reverse shield rather than eleven.

Comments: The only known specimen of this beautiful pattern is now in the collection of Paramount International Coin Corporation who acquired the piece from Dr. Wilkison in 1973. This pattern was obtained by Dr. Wilkison from the Farouk sale in 1954 for 900 Egyptian pounds or approximately $2583.00, one of the highest prices realized by any coin in the entire sale. (See Chapter V.) The sale catalogue described the lot as follows: "291 Pattern twenty dollars, 1872, Barker's (sic) design (A.W. 1209). Believed to be unique, a charming piece in beautiful state."

The last laconic phrase actually describes both this piece and the rest of the remarkable 1872 set as well. Not only is each piece in the set unique, but the set itself is unique in that it is the only complete set of gold patterns in which the same design was utilized for each denomination. Furthermore, the design is a beautiful one, certainly one of the finest ever done by the US. Mint, and each piece in the set is a superb gem. The 1872 set was considered by Dr. Wilkison to be far and away the most significant item in his entire collection.

Diameter: 34.00 millimeters Designer: William Barber Edge: Reeded
Mintage: 1 Weight: 33.40 grams Metal Content: 90% Gold, 10% Copper

Condition Census

Pos Grade Thumbnail Pedigree and History
1 PR65+CAM PCGS grade


William Woodin Collection (Woodin owned the complete set of Amazonian gold patterns) - King Farouk of Egypt Collection (Farouk owned all of the Amazonian gold patterns except for the gold Dollar) - Sotheby’s 1954, sold for 900 Egyptian Pounds (approximately $2,583) to Baldwin & Co. (as agent for the following) - Dr. John E. Wilkison Collection (Wilkison re-assembled the complete set of Amazonian gold patterns in 1962 when he purchased the gold Dollar from the Judd Collection), sold intact in 1973 - Paramount International Coin Corporation - A-Mark - Ed Trompeter Collection - Superior Galleries - Heritage - Simpson Collection