2007-P SAC$1 MS68

PCGS#: 149562

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Jaime Hernandez: On September 2007 Congress passed the Native American $1 Coin Act which authorized the U.S. Mint to change the design of the coin beginning in 2009. However, 2007 and 2008 Sacagawea Dollars would still carry the same Sacagawea Design that was used from 2000-2008.

In 2009 the Mint began producing coins honoring Native Americans and some of the contributions they made in the development of the United States. 

In the meantime 2007-P and D circulation strike Sacagawea Dollars were struck. However, the coins did not go into circulation and instead they were sold at a premium to collectors directly from the U.S. Mint. The mintage for the 2007-P was relatively low with about 3.64 million coins struck. Most coins are very common up to MS66 condition especially since they technically never circulated. Only examples in MS67 and higher are considered scarce.  

Diameter: 26.50 millimeters Designer: Glenna Goodacre/Thomas D. Rogers Sr. Edge: Plain
Mintage: 3,640,000 Weight: 8.10 grams Metal Content: 88.5% Copper, 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese and 2% Nickel