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My Coin #12853609

2007-W $10 Statue of Liberty, DC PR70DC

PCGS#: 149573

Owner's Comments

I am going to speak about both the 2007-W and the 2008-W in this comment as it is not possible, yet, to include the 2008-W in the registry. Let me begin with the 2007-W. Again, I have been graced by a perfect PR70DCAM coin! The Mint must put it's best people in every department to work on the platinum proof series because it seems like every issue is an incredible improvement over its last predecessor. There is an art deco feel to the reverse that almost seems to be in honor of the eagle on the Connecticut classic silver commemorative that my father has in his registry type set. This is artistry worthy of being exhibited. The luster, strike, story of the reverse and so on, of the platinum proofs, I believe is unique among the coinage of our country. Let me, briefly address the 2008-W that I have. It is also a PR70DCAM and a First Strike! Among perfect coins it is very difficult to ever say that one is better than another. However, in this situation, I believe I can make a strong case for saying it. The mirrors are more than 6 inches deep. They are black ice in quality. The cameos are like ice. I put this coin under 50x with a microscope and could not find one flaw. The story behind the reverse is also so moving and inspiring as part of our national history.

Expert Comments

Diameter: 16.50 millimeters Designer: John M. Mercanti Edge: Reeded
Mintage: 8,176 Weight: 3.11 grams Metal Content: 99.95% Platinum